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We Help Men Overcome Their Fear and Pain of Loneliness Loneliness, Geeks, Geek Stuff, Projects, Men, Geek Things, Log Projects, Geek, Solitude

Help to Relieve Pain of Loneliness

We have the solution. Are you ever sick and tired of loneliness? This is very literal. Did you know that severe loneliness is linked to poor health issues? Loneliness is attributed to the pain of the heart as well as gradual pain to other parts of your body.

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Great to Be a Member of Geeks Want Love

Join the Hundreds of Other Fun Loving Ordinary Guys Who Loves Life and Intimate Relationship with His Ideal Woman. Strength in Numbers, Unity and Support Be a Privilege Member of Geeks Want Love As…

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Are Men Visual Creatures?

This ability to be attract to things visually is the same for modern men now, and just as important as it was to the ancient men. They are suppose to be the provider, the protector, the pastor and the pro-creator for the modern family. Without this ability, we wouldn't be having this post now, would we? This is why men have a high degree of the attraction strategy. They are attract visually to the sexy body (or perhaps the not so sexy). They are certainly attracted to women physically. They…

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Why Men Need Better Metrics to Analyse Their Potential Life Partner

Do you have a metric system at all? Or do you just "wing it"? This post tackles a very important and sensitive question of how men measure their latest introduction, date or girlfriend to go up to the next level. Could the newest intro, that is a girl referred by a friend of a friend, be worthy of being asked out on a date or two. How does he decide this? Is there a formula? A mathematical algorithm? HOW??? Does he weigh up the pros and cons of his latest exploits? Does he list the features…

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How to Overcome the Hurt of the Cheating Ex-Girlfriend

Does Your Life Suck Because Your Ex Cheated On You? When my girlfriend broke up with me, it hurt quite a bit. In fact, it hurt like hell. Words can't express the feeling. It felt like I couldn't breathe. The pain of it all. I managed to find a strategic solution

Sometimes I worry that society is becoming immune to infidelity and cheating in a romantic relationship. We hear things like, "Half of all marriages end in Cosmopolitan, Cheating Men, Cheating Girlfriend, Boyfriend Girlfriend, Emotional Affair, Extroverted Introvert, Married Woman, Cheaters, My Cousin

Pressured to Do Sex During School

There are two ways this could have gone down. You were either the cool kid who got laid or you were one of the Geeks (waiting to blossom into a Sheik) hoping to get laid. No matter which way your school journal went, you have to agree that peer pressure existed and was applied to every single child.

Does Long Distance Relationship Work? Dating Games, Long Distance, Geeks, Relationship, This Or That Questions, Distance, Geek, Relationships, Long Distance Love

Does Long Distance Relationship Work?

If you really like or love somebody and you're oceans apart then it's not a matter of question. It's a matter of strategy and a strong sense of desire, to turn the question into an expression that "I'm willing to work for my relationship". Distance is not a consideration because love transcends all boundaries, including time and space.