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a bowl filled with butter toffee pretzels on top of a table
Butter Toffee Pretzels
1h 15m
a close up of a cake with nuts on top and the words goo goo clusterer pie above it
Goo Goo Cluster Pie
Our Goo Goo Cluster Pie features the decadent combination of chocolate, caramel, peanuts and marshmallows found in the Nashville-based Standard Candy Co.’s most famous confection. Moon Pie fans can tweak the dessert to represent the signature flavors of the Chattanooga treat by replacing the chocolate crust with graham crackers and omitting the marshmallow.
a piece of snickkers pie on a plate
Snickers Peanut Butter Pie
Snickers Pie is a brownie pie topped with nougat, caramel, and pecans like a peanut butter snickers - this is an epic pie recipe!
two pieces of cake sitting on top of each other
buttery coconut bars
chocolate coconut pie on a white plate with the title above it and in the background
Homemade Coconut Chocolate Pudding Pie - Crazy for Crust
2h 30m
four pieces of cake with coconut and limes on the side, sitting on a cutting board
Coconut Lime Bars
Easy Southern Chicken and Dumplings - southern discourse
butterscotch toffee rice chex treats with marshmallows on the side
Butterscotch Toffee Rice Chex Treats - Kelly Lynn's Sweets and Treats
Butterscotch Toffee Rice Chex Treats - Scotcheroos without peanut butter or corn syrup! Butterscotch chips and marshmallows are used to make these Rice Chex treats, with bits of toffee throughout Kelly Lynn's Sweets and Treats
a piece of frozen toffe pie on a plate
Frozen Toffee Pie
Slice of Frozen Toffee Pie topped with chopped heath bars.
a white bowl filled with lots of food
No Bake Peanut Butter Chex Bars Recipe
coconut lime bars on a plate with text overlay
Toasted Lime Coconut Bars
an ice cream sandwich cake on a plate with a fork and spoon in front of it
Ice Cream Sandwich Cake
This Ice Cream Sandwich Cake is layered with ice cream sandwich bars and some of your favorite sundae toppings. Super easy to make, but looks like you labored all day over it. Great dessert in the summertime and all year round!
two pictures with different types of ice cream cake in them and the words buster bar ice cream cake on top
Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake - Yummy Recipes | Recipe | Buster bar dessert, Ice cream recipes, Cream recipes
three lemon gooey bars stacked on top of each other with the title above it
Lemon Gooey Bars
picture of lemon gooey bars, stack of 3
some kind of food that is stacked on top of each other with peanut butter and chocolate
Reese's Krispies
some oatmeal cookies on a white plate with a pink spoon in the foreground
Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Clusters
Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Clusters. No oven is required! #avalanche #cookies #nobake #peanutbutter #ricekrispie #crispyrice #marshmallows #minimarshmallows #chocolatechips #dessert #kids #kidsfriendly Ingredients: Crispy Rice cereal 1 cup mini marshmallows 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter 11 oz. white chocolate chips