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a small dog with its tongue out and the words papillon above it
The papillon is a brilliant, energetic little dog whose unique appearance has made her a royal favorite for centuries. Find out more about living with the Papillon dog breed.
siberian husky dog with blue eyes and tongue out looking at the camera while standing in grass
Siberian Husky
Always alert and raring to go, Siberian huskies are energetic, fun-loving, and friendly dogs. Learn why this dog breed is eager to take on all your adventures as welcome additions to an active family lifestyle.
a black dog sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a woman and two children
Looking for the Best Family Dogs? Here Are 14 of Our Favorites.
The best family dogs have a great deal of patience, good dispositions, and a playful personality! Check out our list and see which good pup fits your lifestyle.
a brown dog laying on top of a lush green field
13 Spunky Spitz Dog Breeds With Curly Tails and Perky Ears That Are Hard To Resist
Spitz dog breeds have interesting histories and hail from all parts of the world. However, the real question is which is the right pup for you? Let's find out!
a white dog with its tongue out and the caption says samoyed daily paws
Samoyeds are so pretty and cheerful, it's easy to think they're lazy lap dogs. But learn why this loyal, clever, and impish dog breed lives best with outgoing, athletic people.
a woman walking her dog on a leash with the caption, 23 hypoatelgenic dogs perfect for people with allergies
Love Dogs But They Make You Sneeze? One of These 'Hypoallergenic' Breeds Could Be for You
'Hypoallergenic' dogs aren't 100-percent allergen free (no dog is), but animal lovers might not react as much to pups such as poodles, schnauzers, and certain other breeds.
a small white dog sitting on top of someone's arm with the caption, 15 adorable tiny toy dog breeds that will wrigle their way into your heart
15 Adorably Tiny Toy Dog Breeds That Will Wriggle Their Way Into Your Heart
Teeny, tiny toy dog breeds are the perfect size for a variety of lifestyles. Check out this list of the cutest miniature toy dogs to consider adding to your family.
a brown dog with the words, 12 of the friendlyest dog breeds who love everyone they meet
12 of the Friendliest Dog Breeds Who Love Everyone They Meet
What makes a dog friendly comes down to genetics and socialization. From big to small, these are typically the friendliest dog breeds when loved and cared for properly.
100 Perfect Dog Names for British and Irish Breeds
The perfect dog names for British and Irish breeds reflect their proud heritage. Some breeds are quite rare, such as the otterhound, English setter, and Glen of Imaal terrier. Others, including the Parson Russell terrier, beagle, and Irish setter, are found in family homes around the world. But all have fascinating histories and continue to delight pet parents—some of whom get so attached to their breed, they'd never have another! So whatever new British or Irish pup you have, review this list for a moniker that's truly special—just like your doggo!
a woman laying in bed next to a dog with the caption home, sweet home these 21 breeds make the best house dogs
Home, Sweet Home! These 21 Breeds Make the Best House Dogs
Looking for the best house dogs? We've rounded up 21 dog breeds who make the best house dogs and family pets, from needing little exercise to minimal shedding.
a small white dog sitting on top of a blue table with the words, the 12 best dogs for apartment dwellers
The 12 Best Dogs for Apartment Dwellers
Looking to add a dog to your smaller space? Get advice on the best apartment-friendly dogs, like greyhounds, bulldogs, and more.
There's so much more to white dog breeds than the color of their fur. The pearly pooches on this list cover all shapes, sizes, personalities, and levels of fluff. White Dog Breeds, French Bulldog Breed, White Dogs, English Sheepdog, Bulldog Breeds, Standard Poodle, Sheepadoodle
14 White Dog Breeds of Every Shape, Size, and Fluff
There's so much more to white dog breeds than the color of their fur. The pearly pooches on this list cover all shapes, sizes, personalities, and levels of fluff.
a brown and white dog with its tongue out looking up at the sky, text reads 9 native irish dog breeds and their historics
9 Native Irish Dog Breeds and Their Histories
There are currently 9 recognized native Irish dog breeds—from terriers like the Kerry blue to sighthounds like the giant Irish wolfhound. Get the scoop on each Irish dog breed and their origin story.
a gray dog laying on top of a fluffy white rug with the words 20 dog breeds that don't shed much
20 Dog Breeds That Don't Shed (Much)
Looking for a dog that doesn't leave a ton of hair around your house? Check out this list of dog breeds that don't shed or are low-shedding dog breeds.
14 Ugly Dog Breeds Uniquely Suited to Capture Your Heart
Jiggly jowls, wrinkly scowls, and tiny tufts of randomly placed fur are just a few distinct characteristics that make certain dog breeds stand out as having faces "only a mother could love," but many of the dog breeds on this list have been beloved for centuries, stemming from ancient royalty.