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170+ Fun and Creative Calico Cat Names
Calico cats are rare and uniquely beautiful. Like snowflakes, every calico kitty's markings are completely different. In many cultures, calico cats are thought to bring good luck. Glückskatze, the German word to describe calicos, actually translates to "lucky cat." Those adorable Japanese beckoning cat figures that you see in restaurants? All originally based on calicos. In ancient Japan, sailors and fishermen would take a calico as the ship's cat to bring them luck on their voyage. Now you know why calico cat names are such a big deal! Click to find the perfect name for your auspicious calico kitten.
104 'Punny' Cat Names for Your Purrfect Feline
If your cat is full of purrsonality, her name should reflect that. And what better way to honor your funny feline, the queen of cat jokes with a punny name that suits her? Whether you're in need of a name for your newly adopted cat or just here for a giggle, these claw-ver cat pun names are litter-ally the best.
250+ Best Female Cat Names for Your Darling New Kitty
Congratulations on your new furry family member! Welcoming a pet into your home is such a fun time. And for most, it starts with choosing the perfect name for your feline friend. You want one that fits your personality and hers. Whether she's a playful kitten bouncing all over the house or a chill senior cat, the best female cat names have descriptive flair—and if it's good enough, she might even answer to it! We hope this extensive list of cat names points you in the right direction and makes your fab feline's ears perk up a bit.
a gray and white cat sitting on top of a bed next to a sign that says well, hello kitty 120 + japanese cat nomes for your new feline friend
Well, Hello Kitty! 120+ Japanese Cat Names for Your New Feline Friend
Looking for Japanese cat names? This diverse list of names for cats might make your kitty's ears twitch and prompt a curious nyan (meow).
a cat with the caption'funny cat names perfect for a pet with personality '
150+ Funny Cat Names Perfect for a Pet with Personality
Our funny cat names are clever, cute, and just right for your full-of-personality furball.
100+ Splendid Spring Cat Names That Fit Any Feline
Springtime is a time of renewal, rebirth, you name it. There are lots of baby animals running around, and flowers are blooming at every turn. No better time to adopt a new kitty cat, don't you think? Honor the most underrated of all the seasons by picking out a bright, joyful spring cat name for your new feline.
146 Fabulous Flower Names for Cats
Spring is in full bloom—and your new feline family member can blossom, too, with one of these flower names for cats. Flower names are tried-and-true classics, and with so many different kinds, you're sure to find the perfect match for your new family member. You can honor your favorite buds with a plant-inspired name, but you may need to steer clear of their namesakes. Some flowers, like lilies and daisies, are toxic to cats, so keep them away from your cat-friendly home. With 146 names to choose from, this bountiful list has all the inspiration you need to find the flower cat name perfectly suited for your newest addition.
a cat that is standing on its hind legs with the caption's name below it
250+ Badass Cat Names for Your Ferocious Feline
If your new cat is one tough cookie, one of these badass cat names will help her feel more like the lioness she is inside.
a woman holding a cat in her arms with the caption, 19 cat names inspired by each of taylor swift's iconic eras
119 Cat Names Inspired By Each of Taylor Swift's Iconic Eras
If you're a diehard Swiftie who just welcomed a new cat into your home, here are 119 cat names inspired by each of Taylor Swift's iconic albums.
a calico cat laying on its back with the caption'70 fun and creative names for calico cats
170+ Fun and Creative Names for Calico Cats
Considered lucky and definitely unique, calico cats deserve a name that reflects how special they are.
a siamese cat with the caption 200 + of the best names for your siamese cat
200+ of the Best Names for Your Siamese Cat
If you have a Siamese cat, you know that they find a place in the hearts of anyone who comes across them. Choose from one of these Siamese cat name ideas to match your cat's undeniable charm and radiance.
385 Boy Cat Names for Every Letter of the Alphabet
Choosing a name for your male cat will be fun and offers you all kinds of opportunities for brainstorming names that match his cool, unique, or playful personality. Does he love to watch TV? Consider names based on your boy cat's favorite sports team, or names based on Disney characters he seems fixated on. Does he get riled up when you listen to country music? There are plenty of country boy cat names to consider. Let those unique characteristics inspire a name that describes your male cat!
350+ Unique Cat Names for Your One-of-a-Kind Cat
Finding a name that fits your cat's unique personality can be a creative challenge. How do you capture your pet's one-of-a-kind attitude (cattitude, if you will), with a name? And your kitty's name is not only about your cat. What you choose to name your cat can also be a statement about your own personality and creativity.
119 Cat Names Inspired By Each of Taylor Swift's Iconic Eras
If there's one celebrity worth naming your cat over, it might just have to be the ultimate cat lady herself: Taylor Swift. Even if you don't yet know your new feline all too well, you're sure to strike gold with one of these names inspired by each of Taylor's iconic albums.
a person petting a white cat with the caption's name below it
120+ Fall Cat Names for Your New Feline
Fall cat names are so much fun to consider! From Halloween-inspired favorites to the scents and sights of autumn, you're bound to find the right one on this list of fall names for cats.