Top Tips for Selling Crafts

Tips for selling crafts online or locally at farmers markets and craft shows. Learn how to start a handmade business from home with display booth ideas & photos…
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a collage of craft items with the words crafttrends forcast over it
Trending Crafts That Sell Well
Get crafty, get selling! Learn about the popular craft trends of 2024 that will boost your profits.
the inside of a clothing store with lots of clothes on racks and lights hanging from the ceiling
8 Pop Up Shop Display Ideas to Design a Vendor Booth People Will Love
8 lessons for designing a craft show booth that draws in customers and highlights your most impactful products.
the words 17 new craft trend for 2013 are shown above images of flowers, hats, and sweaters
Trending Crafts That Sell Well
17 new craft trends for 2023.
some balls of yarn sitting on top of a table with the words trending crafts to sell
Trending Crafts That Sell Well
17 design trends for your handmade business.
there is a tree with many cards on it that are hanging from the ceiling in front of other items
10 Art Show Display Ideas
10 tips for setting up an art show display that stands out.
christmas decorations with the words crafttrends to sell holiday 2020 on it in red and green
2022 Christmas Trends to Sell on Etsy
8 craft trends to sell for Christmas 2022. Plus 4 shopper mindset & behavior trends to help you market more effectively to your customers.
christmas retail items for craft business owners with text overlay that reads, christmas retail treats for craft business owners
Holiday Shopping Trends for 2022
Christmas retail trends for craft business owners. 8 consumer behavior trends small business owners can use to sell more in 2022/23
three pink vases with the words product photography basics for your etsy shop
What is Product Photography?
Product photography basics for craft business owners. Learn about this photography style including how beginners can get easily started with simple product photography.
the vendor booth is filled with t - shirts and other items for sale on display
9 Vendor Booth Lighting Ideas
9 vendor booth lighting ideas. Nine photos show you how to set up lights for your portable display.
the best selling handmade items for 2020
Trending Crafts That Sell Well
Best selling handmade items for 2022 feature these hot design trends.
a person holding a red present box with the words selling christmas crafts in 2021
Christmas Shopping Trends for 2020
Selling Christmas crafts in 2021 will be unlike previous years. But there are some bright spots in the holiday shopping trends predictions that handmade business owners can use to market your business effectively.
the cover of selling christmas crafts in 2021, with presents wrapped in twine and tied up
Christmas Shopping Trends for 2020
Selling Christmas crafts in 2021 will be different from previous years. Use these strategies to sell more handmade items this holiday season.
a person holding a camera with the words how to edit your pictures for your etsy shop
How to Edit Product Photos
How to edit your pictures for your Etsy shop. You don't have to master complex image editing software to edit product photography. Learn these 8 easy tasks, to create beautiful photos for your Etsy shop. #productphotography #photoedit #sellingcrafts #craftprofessional
a woman holding a camera with the words craft photography on it
Product Photography Ideas
Craft photography tips - Learn how to develop a unique product photography style for your handmade business. #productphotography #craftbusiness #craftprofessional
a camera sitting on top of a white table next to a laptop computer and monitor
Product Photography Lighting Setup
3 product photography setup ideas. 3 simple ways to light your craft photography with diagrams. Plus the three tools you need to create and manipulate the light you need to take well-lit product shots. #productphotography #sellingcrafts #craftprofessional