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the words craft pricing formula written in chalk on a blue background with lots of white letters
Craft Pricing Formula
Price your handmade products for profit with this craft pricing formula.
the handmade product pricing formula is displayed in front of an image with numbers and symbols
Craft Pricing Formula
Need help pricing your crafts? This pricing formula will help you price your handmade products for profit.
a hand holding up a piece of paper with the words how to price handmade items
How to Price Handmade Items
Learn how to price handmade items with three pricing methods for selling crafts on Etsy, at fairs, or wholesale.
colorful balls of yarn sitting on top of a wooden table with the words, latest handmade
Trending Crafts That Sell Well
Click to see the top craft design trends for 2024 and boost your sales!
stack of knitted blankets with text overlay reading trending crafts to sell in 2020
Trending Crafts That Sell Well
Discover which craft designs will be trendsetters for 2024, and sell more on Etsy or at craft shows.
a display case filled with magazines on top of a wooden table next to a white wall
10 Art Show Display Ideas
10 art show display ideas & photos show great ways to show paintings & prints at a craft fair. See how to use grid walls, panels & easels in an art vendor booth
some balls of yarn sitting on top of a wooden bowl with the words crafts in high demand
Trending Crafts That Sell Well
Crafts in high demand in 2023.
an assortment of clothing on display in a store
8 Pop Up Shop Display Ideas to Design a Vendor Booth People Will Love
11 photos show you how to use simple, effective visual merchandising to design a vendor booth that stands out and attracts customers.
an outdoor market with several tables covered in black and white cloths, including boxes
10 Product Display Table Ideas That Win Craft Show Customers
10 easy techniques to create a successful product display table for craft markets.
a wreath with christmas decorations on it and the words holiday retail trend for craft business owners
Holiday Shopping Trends for 2022
2022 retail trends for craft business owners. 8 big shopping trends small business owners need to know about to sell more this holiday season.
the 8 craft show set up ideas and photos of booth displays are featured in this poster
Craft Show Set Up Ideas - Easy 8 Step Guide to Create a Great Display
8 craft show set up ideas, photos of booth displays, and a simple plan for designing your own booth.
a booth with an orange circle over it that says nine art show booth lighting ideas
9 Art Show Booth Lighting Ideas
Nine art show booth lighting ideas. Check out how craft artists have set up these 9 well-lit portable displays.
paper with the words craft trend on it and some paintbrushes next to it
Trending Crafts That Sell Well
2022 craft trends. Here's what's hot in handmade for the upcoming year.
a person holding a red present box with the words selling christmas crafts in 2012
Christmas Shopping Trends for 2020
Selling Christmas crafts in 2021 will be unlike previous years. But there are some bright spots in the holiday shopping trends predictions that handmade business owners can use to market your business effectively.
christmas crafts and presents with the words christmas craft trends for 2021 on top of them
2021 Christmas Trends
Christmas craft trends for 2021. Here's what people who shop handmade want to buy this holiday season.