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Patterns for making everyday crafts from wood.

Sera Scott
Note Caddy Tutorial

Woodsmith Tip: Note Caddy

The Awesomest Jelly Bean Dispenser Ever

The Awesomest Jelly Bean Dispenser Ever

The Awesomest Jelly Bean Dispenser Ever: Here is an idea that has you both building and enjoying a delicious snack for the afternoon! Yep, thats right, a JELLY BEAN DISPENSER! (also works for M&Ms.) Sorry about the sideways pictures. I cant really figure out how to fix that. oops! :)

Cross Designs - Cross Patterns

Cross Designs - 7 Free Cross Patterns

These 7 cross designs are simple cross patterns that you can print. The cross patterns are also in small sizes for a necklace. Wooden crosses are popular gift items that sell well at craft shows and we have 7 cross designs for you to choose from.

how to make a bottle opener

DIY Bottle Opener

I have a quick and easy project for you, today, that would make a great Father's Day gift. A DIY Bottle Opener!

Tutorial - Hand Made Address Plaque with Glowing Numbers & Secret Compartment!

Hand Made Address Plaque With Glowing Numbers & Secret Compartment!

Hand Made Address Plaque With Glowing Numbers & Secret Compartment!: Springs coming and for me that means that it's time to start sprucing up around the house. One thing that had been on my to-do list for some time was to create a nice big hand made address plaque. Prior to this project I had the standard black pl…

Tutorial - magic wood wallet

Magic Wood Wallet

Magic Wood Wallet: Maybe you'll want to thank me after making this wallet. Indeed it's not a simple wallet, it's wood-made and it's magic! Unfortunately it doesn't make money appearing from nothing, but as some of you already know the trick is in the way to introduce …

Wood sculpture Tutorial

Wood Sculpture

Wood Sculpture: This is a 60's/70's inspired wood sculpture that is easy really to make. 1: Materials - Scrap Oak wood - wood dowel I used two scrap pieces of 3/4" Oak 7"x7" for the base and 11"x7" for the main piece, but any type of wood would work. The dowel …

Reclaimed wood or pine egg holder - Tutorial

Reclaimed Wood or Pine Egg Holder

Reclaimed Wood or Pine Egg Holder: This is a nice and easy project to make for your own kitchen, or to give to someone as a gift. If you prefer a more modern style, leave out the ageing and paint with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint. The egg holder is made from a piece of pine, but you ca…

Tiny Wooden USB Drive Tutorial

Tiny Wooden USB Drive

Tiny Wooden USB Drive: I have been wanting to make a wooden USB drive ever since seeing this great Instructable on it. Recently the plastic housing on one of my USB drives got bent, rendering it hard to use. So I tore it apart and got to work. The thing that appealed to m…

Pocket Sundial Tutorial

Pocket Sundial

Pocket Sundial: Imagine you are trekking in the wilderness and desperately need to know the current time (perhaps to determine if there are enough sunlight hours in the day for you to reach the next clean water source, or next decent place to take shelter/setup ca…

Simple plastic bag holder Tutorial

Simple Plastic Bag Holder

Simple Plastic Bag Holder: We recycle shopping plastic bags as rubbish bags. You know: this is where you put carrots' peels, oranges' rinds, coffee grains, etc., before throwing everything to the garbage can. Did you notice that plastic bags do not stand up by themselves? Tha…

Tutorial - Wooden Heart Wind Chime

Wooden Heart Wind Chime

Wooden Heart Wind Chime: I made this for my girlfriend for Valentine's day, but there's never a bad time to give your girlfriend (or boyfriend, or anyone) a wooden heart windchime. I wanted to make her something and had some offcuts of ash lying around, and this is what I c…

lantern tutorial

Light up your yard with a candle lantern

Tutorial - banana stand.

Build a Countertop Banana Stand