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Love is.when you can't let go! Love & Miss You, Dad! Miss You Daddy, I Miss My Mom, My Daddy, I Miss You, Love You, My Love, Love Is Cartoon, Love Is Comic, Cant Let Go

Love Is Apparently Quite Morbid

I already had a headache when I came across today's Love Is.... Now my headache has grown to monstrous size, and I'm still not sure why the legacy clone who produces this comic thought it was a good idea to draw his heroine weeping over her lover's grave. I know the Loveshmoos are quite mutable--sometimes courting, sometimes married, sometimes having kids--but come on...death? In a Love Is... comic? Stefano Casali, have you gone mad*? A medieval context may cast at least a faint light on…

Tatty Teddy-Miss you

Tatty Teddy