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OTF Tactical Pen


Cyberpunk Knife


Interlocking Mini Baton Kunai Throwing Knife Set


Brass Knuckle Folding Pocket Knife

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32 Entertaining Pics That Will Help You Forget It's Monday

A much needed distraction from another mundane Monday.


Biker OTF Knuckle Knife - Limited Edition

Parry this you filthy casual

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Came Stun Gun

Empty Shell XM556 Microgun

Love the M134 Minigun, but find it too large and too heavy to use comfortably? Well, these guys just built a smaller but equally-powerful version.


Okay want.. The 20mm ammo may be problematic in acquiring… Click pic for link!

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ARES Amoeba 'STRIKER' AS03 At Bang Bang

The most compact airsoft sniper rifle, in the airsoft market, the Ares Amoeba Striker AS03 is in stock right now at Bang Bang Big Boys Store. It has a short stroke bolt, a lightweight Polymer body, a 45-round capacity and fires at around 380fps. If you find sniper rifles too long, then try this, you can even use it one-handed, but you need another free hand to pull the bolt.

30 Janky and Illegal Guns from Around the World

People will arm themselves with basically anything, it turns out.

Vltor CASV-EL Handguard on Kel-Tec PLR16

PLR16 with modified Vltor Handguard. Spike's Havoc launcher, because Tacticool. Kinda funny that this should come up a few days aft...