DIY paper embellishments

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an art work made out of buttons and beads
Rachel Burke
a man is holding his hands up to his face with beads on it and the letters o are spelled in different colors
Crafty Nails
the letter o is made out of buttons and other things on top of a table
Rachel Burke Bag
a pink and silver wreath with some beads on it's side that says merry christmas
Xmas badge
there is a pink and blue decoration hanging from the wall next to a potted plant
Tinsel PomPom Garland...
yarn, beads and other items are laid out on a white surface to be used as jewelry
six colorful lollipops are lined up in a row on top of each other
Magical Pom Pom Wands — Apricot Polkadot
an open book with buttons and bows on it next to some other things that are laying around
Ireland Mini Album