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Lettering con degradado y rotuladores
Utiliza tus tombow para crear degradados dentro de tu palabra y darle volumen.
the word learn written in purple and blue ink with four markers next to each other
Galaxy Lettering with Brush Pens Comparison | Ensign Insights
Galaxy Lettering brush pens. See a comparison of this beautiful galaxy lettering technique with all different brush pens in this post. | Ensign Insights
How to do Perfect Calligraphy using Real Brush Pens
Who loves our bright and vibrant watercolor brush pens? 🌸👩‍🎨 They give you the freedom of a sleek, light-weight pen 😍
How to do Perfect Calligraphy using Real Brush Pens
Who loves our bright and vibrant watercolor brush pens? 🌸👩‍🎨 They give you the freedom of a sleek, light-weight pen 😍
Learn How to Do Perfect Blending with Real Brush Pens
These real watercolor brush pens with flexible tips are designed to take the wonders of using a paintbrush but give you the freedom of a pen! 😎🖌️
All you need to do is to create colorful paintings using a mix of water and paint. Don't forget to use your water/aqua brush pen while painting different fruits or similar things! The results will be mind-blowing. 👩‍🎨🖌️
How to Shade Letters from Dark to Light | Lyssa’s Letters Tutorial
Difficulty: Easy Supplies for Brush Lettering Shading: • Light colored brush pen (Tombow dual brush pen 291) • Dark colored brush pen (Tombow dual brush pen 379) • Canson marker paper or other type of marker paper Created by Lyssa’s Letters 💗. For more tips on hand lettering and calligraphy, check out my other pins, or head to the link in my bio!
the words do your thing are painted in watercolor and then on paper next to paintbrushes
a piece of paper that says life is short and dessert first with crayons around it
some markers and pens are laying on top of a piece of paper
the word boo spelled with yellow and green tape on a white surface next to a pair of scissors
2 NEW Blending & Coloring Techniques
New blending techniques with brush pens and hand lettering
the word hustle is surrounded by crayons
5 Ways You Can Add a Gradient To Your Lettering
two pens are sitting on top of a notebook with the word affection written in blue ink
the word smooth is surrounded by markers and pens
Smooth | Tombow dual brush pens
the magic of new beginnings is written in pink and purple ink on a white background with three pens
Der große Handlettering Kurs (für Einsteiger & Fortgeschrittene!)
Lerne wie du solche kreativen Schriften selbst erstellen kannst! In einem umfangreich Onlinekurs lernst du von den Basics bis ins Detail alles was du wissen musst um ins Handlettering einzusteigen.
some crayons are laying on top of a paper with the words mss what makes this creation?
some pens and markers on a table with a card that says, i pueder s'entres hacere
a notepad with some writing on it and two markers next to it, including one marker
Tips on Marker Blending with Tombow Brush Pens
A great way to create letter blending art is to blend marker on marker because you don’t need to have paintbrush/waterbrush and you don’t need to wait for it to dry. Here are some tips when doing Marker to Marker Blending with Brush Pens! Supplies: • Water Based Markers - I’m using Tombow Dual Brush Pens • Marker Paper or you can use Smooth Bristol Paper - I’m using Canson Marker Paper • Paper Towel • Optional: Fineliners or Gel Pens for details Tips: • Letter your word first with a light grey brush pen. When having a lettering guideline, it make’s it easy to do color blends because you’re essentially coloring in your letters. • One way to blend colors is to drag down a darker color with a lighter marker. As you see in the video, I used a light blue/purple marker to drag down th
a card with the words hello october written on it and colored pencils next to it
an open notebook with colorful markers next to it and the words, i'm poni feliz que gupa y'eres written in spanish
Blending Neon Brush Pens ~Handlettering by Lyssa’s Letters~
Difficulty: Medium Calligraphy supplies: • Brush pens or brush markers (water-based) • Canson mix media paper or watercolor paper • Paint brush or water brush • Cup of clean water • Hand towel • pencil and eraser to design the lettering layout
some pens are laying next to each other on a table with the words thank you written in it
a handwritten quote on paper with two markers
some markers and pens are laying on top of a paper
Blending colors with real brush markers
Talk brush markers are very good to blending colors, they are very particular.