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the word rinsee written in blue ink on a white paper with decorative swirls
Rinse. #RHOHL . . Join us, @theadornedfox , @lefty.script , and myself @lovetistrue , "The Real Housewives of Hand Lettering," as we unfold our stories and experience as a housewife. Please use the hashtag #RHOHL for your chance to be featured on Season 1: Housewives Duties. . #handlettering #brushlettering #calligraphy #calligrafriends #calligrabesties #calligranewbie #calligraphypractice #lettering #brushcalligraphy #moderncalligraphy #brushpen #watercolor #brushletteringpractice #octoberlette
an open notebook with colorful lettering on top of it next to markers, pens and other office supplies
You can do it! Brush Pen, modern calligraphy on watercolour background 🌈
Difficulty: Easy Supplies • Watercolour paper • Watercolour paints • Black brush pen (Stabilo 68)
Calligraphy - Brush calligraghy with watercolor background
Difficulty: Easy Watercolor • Brushpens
an open notebook with writing on it and some colored markers next to the pages that are lined up
Título bonito
notebooks and pens with the words neon written in different colors on them next to each other