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A board to celebrate the best summer gardening, design and home decor inspiration we could find, around the web! Here you'll find ideas for summer activities…
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Fun Summer Ideas: Thrill-Filled DIY Outdoor Games
Looking to add a splash of excitement to your next outdoor party? Chas' Crazy Creations offers the perfect solution with DIY Outdoor Games - a collection of creative, fun and engaging game ideas that will surely make your summer unforgettable. Don't miss out on the fun - Host an outdoor party with these game ideas on
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Summer Crafts For Adults: Find You Creativity
Bored on your vacation? Not anymore with Chas' Crazy Creations! These adult DIY projects are the perfect way to add a touch of creativity to your summer! Don't miss out on the fun, see what summer fun to create on!
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Adult Summer Craft: Create Your Dream Side Table with a Bonus Cooler!
Looking for the perfect DIY project to tackle this summer? Our DIY Side Table with Bonus Cooler is the perfect addition to your patio or outdoor space. Not only does it serve as an eye-catching centerpiece, but it also features a built-in cooler to keep your drinks chilled. This project is perfect for adults who love a little summer fun - and who doesn't? Follow the tutorial on!
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No Sew Outdoor Pillows With Journal/Pen Pockets
I made these no sew outdoor pillows with journal & pen pockets for my kids with a recycled shower curtain and jeans!
DIY Outdoor Cooler End Table
Consider this cool DIY outdoor table for you yard or front porch! This easy and quick outdoor table is one of my favorite DIY table ideas that is so easy to make and even comes with space for a cooler! Here you'll find a DIY tutorial that shows you exactly how to make it for yourself. Follow Chas Crazy Creations for mroe creative DIY projects and easy home decor ideas!
a scarecrow with an american flag tie and hat on it's head in the grass
Flower Pot Uncle Sam
I’m excited to be hosting Hometalk TV again, and I’m making more seasonal decor with terra cotta flower pots! This time… a flower pot Uncle Sam! With just a few easy to find materials you can have your own nifty flower pot Uncle Sam in a day. This project is so easy that you don’t need any crafting experience in order to do it yourself. Check out my step by step guide and get started!
Simple Stencil Art For Your Driveway To Try With Kids
Create stencil art for your driveway with this DIY tutorial from Chas Crazy Creations! Here you'll learn how to make simple stencil art templates that you can use on any wall or stone surface. Use a powerwasher instead of spray paint to create your own unique design that's temporary and a perfect summer activity for kids to add to your summer fun list. Click for more summer activities and DIY ideas!
Dollar Tree Hacks: Easy DIY Frisbee Golf
Difficulty: Easy Try this home made Frisbee golf for the summer! This DIY frisbee golf course is super easy to make and your kids will love it! Add this to your list of summer activities to try. DIY Frisbee golf supplies: • Tomato Cages • Dollar Tree Laundry Baskets • Frisbees or Beach Balls Steps: • 1: Stick your tomato cage in the ground • 2: Place a laundry basket in each tomato basket • 3: Space baskets out across your yard and play! Frisbee golf is such a fun summer game! Follow Chas Crazy Creations for more fun and creative DIY projects and DIY inspiration!
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Garden Markers - 5 Options
It’s that time of year again where we start getting our gardens ready. I wanted to share a variety of ways to make garden markers that are very easy and inexpensive to make.
DIY Backyard Bowling Alley
Difficulty: Easy Consider this DIY backyard bowling alley for this summer! This backyard bowling alley is super easy to build and you kids will love it. Add this kids' activity to your summer fun list. How to make a DIY backyard bowling game: • Step 1: Cut a pool noodle in half using a serrated kitchen knife. • Step 2: Hot glue the shortened noodle to full-length ones. • Step 3: Place 10 water bottles up like bowling pins. • Step 4: Use any ball and start bowling! You're ready for summer with this simple backyard bowling alley. Follow Chas Crazy Creations for more home creative DIY projects!
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Top 14 Ways To Use Solar Lights In Your Home
Solar Lights, Solar Light Creations, Cheap Crafts, Kid Crafts, Dollar Store Crafts, Backyard Decor, Yard Decor, Seasonal Decor, Porch Decor, Recycle, Upcycle, Repurpose
How To Preserve Fresh Flowers
Difficulty: Easy Don't you love fresh flowers? It's easy to create dried flowers at home with this simple DIY project. Follow these steps to preserve fresh flowers so that you can enjoy them forever. Supplies: • Fresh flowers • Paper towels • A heavy book Steps: • Step 1: Pick your fresh flowers • Step 2: Put the flowers between 2 paper towels • Step 3: Place a heavy book on top • Step 4: Let your flowers sit for a few days You can easily preserve flowers at home and enjoy them for much longer! Follow Chas Crazy Creations for more home decor ideas and DIY tips!
a chandelier in the shape of a candelabra with lights on it
How To Make A Solar Chandelier
Many people know I love thrift stores and solar lights. Put them together and I can create some great things for my yard. Do you have an old chandelier you don’t know what to do with? I picked up a few from thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, and, and I’ll show you How To Make A Solar Chandelier
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How To Paint and Distress Mason Jars
Have you seen those farmhouse mason jars? You can buy them online for $40 or more! I'm going to show you how to paint and distress a mason or recycled jar to look rustic for a fraction of the cost!
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How To Make Solar Light House Numbers
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