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shaving irish spring soap with text overlay irish spring soap uses hacks for pest control Ideas, Irish, Summer, Pests, Pest Control, Clean House, Cleaning Hacks, Make It Yourself, Hacks
Amazing Irish Spring Soap Hacks for Pest Control!
Discover the awesome and simple ways to use Irish Spring soap for pest control and flies with Chas' Crazy Creations! Say goodbye to pesky invaders and hello to summer. But that's not all... Don't miss the game-changing tip on doors and entrances on chascrazycreations.com!
oven cleaning permanent markers diy cleaning hacks with magic erasers
DIY Cleaning Hacks with Magic Erasers
Follow our easy DIY Magic Eraser hacks and learn how to use these amazing cleaning tools in ways you never thought! With our step-by-step guide and video, Chas' Crazy Creations will have you using the magic eraser to the full potential. See where you can use Magic Erasers at chascrazycreations.com!
coat hanger storage with text overlay twenty easy dollar tree organization hacks Dollar Store Organizing, Dollar Tree Kitchen Organization, Dollar Tree Organization, Organizing Your Home, Dollar Store Bins, Storage Hacks, Organization Hacks, Dollar Tree Hacks
Dollar Tree Organization Ideas: 20 Storage Hacks
Looking for budget-friendly ideas to organize your home? Check out Chas' Crazy Creations for some amazing dollar store organization hacks. You'd be surprised what you can make with just dollar store items! Number 17 is super helpful on chascrazycreations.com!
Aluminum Foil Hacks
Learn these aluminium foil DIY tricks with this DIY tutorial from Chas Crazy Creations! Here you'll find a collection of aluminium foil ideas that are easy to do and require nothing more than aluminium foil. Aluminium foil has so many uses besides being used in baking. From cleaning hacks to life hacks, you'll be surprised how handy foil can be! Follow Chas Crazy Creation for more DIY hacks and home decor ideas.
Repel Bugs With Irish Spring Soap
Here's how to use Irish soap for flies or bugs in your home. Irish Spring Soap is a completely DIY bug repellent that works well in your home or garden. Instead of chemical pest repellent, use Irish Spring Soap to keep flies and bugs at bay! Here's how: • Grate soap and put in your garbage bag to repel bugs. • Also put shavings in your window seals! What insects don't like Irish Spring Soap? • Flies • Mosquitoes • Spiders • Cockroaches • Fruit flies • Click to learn more about Irish Spring Soap and natural pest control on the blog! Time to enjoy bug-free summer nights. Follow Chas Crazy Creations for more creative DIY ideas and home cleaning tips!
6 Creative Uses For Hangers
These creative hanger ideas are proof that a humble hanger has many uses! Here are 6 hanger DIY ideas and hacks. • 1 Re-string a drawstring • 2 Unclog a drain • 3 DIY outdoor plant holder • 4 Flip flop holder • 5 Hanging trash can • 6 Store accessories on curtain rings. • Read more hanger hacks on the blog! A simple clothes hanger can make small tasks a lot easier! Follow Chas Crazy Creations for more home DIY ideas and creative DIY ideas!
How To Repel Bugs Outdoors With Irish Spring Soap
Repel bugs naturally with nothing but soap! These tips show you how to repel bugs indoors and outdoors using Irish spring soap. • Rub Irish spring soap onto doors and door edges. • Rub Irish spring soap on outdoor tables and chairs. • Place a bar of soap inside a porch centerpiece. • Reapply: a good rain will wash the Irish spring bar soap away so remember to reapply! • Come read even more uses for Irish spring soap on the blog: https://chascrazycreations.com/irish-spring-soap-and-flies/ Keep pests away with this simple all natural hack so you can enjoy the summer evenings! Follow Chas Crazy Creations for more easy DIY tips and hacks!
You won’t believe this!
What can YOU do with a muffin pan?
What can YOU do with a muffin pan?
an organized closet with clothes and handbags hanging on the racks, drawers, and storage bins
Easy DIY Closet Organization; Tips For Maximizing Your Closet Space
Hometalk TV asked me to host an episode that would include how to easily organize a closet. I'm sharing how to organize a closet with some of my favorite tips, tricks, and hacks.
there is a pink and white flower on the back of a wedding dress with text that reads, 5 things about wedding planning you may not have known
5 Clever Curtain Hacks
What can I make with old curtains? What can I do with an old shower curtain? Here are 5 cleaver curtain hacks!
a person is holding a red and white striped pole
How to Make 3 Holiday DIYs From Pool Noodles
Pool noodles were on clearance for .25 at Walmart. I grabbed a bunch of them and created some holiday decor for my yard/home. You can see more of my crazy creations here Candy Canes - I wrapped white athletic tape that I got from Dollar Tree around 2 red pool noodles. I curved the pool noodle into a candy cane shape and used fishing line to hold it in place. I put some yard stakes into the ground and placed the candy canes onto them. Hiding Elf - I cut a red pool noodle in half…
a person is holding a red and white striped pole
How to Make 3 Holiday DIYs From Pool Noodles
WD-40 Hacks
My dad owns a body shop and he was the first person who introduced me to WD-40 and how it could be used for so many things. WD-40 Hacks to the rescue!
WD-40 Hacks
My dad owns a body shop and he was the first person who introduced me to WD-40 and how it could be used for so many things. WD-40 Hacks to the rescue!
DIY Hairspray Hacks
What else can hairspray be used for? From how to dry roses with hairspray to how to use hairspray to remove stains, here are several DIY hairspray hacks for you!
DIY Laundry Cleaners
I have been doing some laundry cleaning research lately and I wanted to share a homemade laundry DIY recipes with you.
Cabinet Door Serving Trays
I found 2 cabinet doors at a garage sale for $2. With a little chalk and chalkboard paint I was able to upcycle them into serving trays. Use them as a serving tray, message board, and more – these make great gifts!
Under the Kitchen Sink Organization
The area under my kitchen sink had become a collection of “stuff” and a big fat mess. It was time to give it an overhaul by cleaning it out, fixing it up, and organizing it.
Dollar Store Heart Wall Art
I am a seasonal decorator, and like it when I can leave something up either for months at a time or even year round. With a mirror and some dollar store wall stickers – I made affordable and inexpensive wall art for my home.
DIY Shelf Furniture Makeover
I found this shelf unit at a garage sale for $5. I wanted to try my hand at some more furniture makeovers and this price allowed me to give it a go! In the beginning I wasn’t sure where I’d use this piece because there are so many places we could use shelves. Who doesn’t need more shelf space right?
DIY Laundry Cleaners
I have been doing some laundry cleaning research lately and I wanted to share a homemade laundry DIY recipes with you.
Simple Indoor/Outdoor Fire Bowl
I’m going to show you 2 fire bowls. Both can be used inside or outside. Several options to suit everyone’s needs. It can safely put off heat, add ambiance, is great for survival emergencies like power outages, and is inexpensive to make. Come check out both on the blog!
How To Makeover Furniture
Each month, I join with some of my blogging friends for a monthly blog hop challenge. This month our theme was a flower project. Be sure to check out their creations at the bottom of this post.
Chemically Free Clean Your Home
You all know I love a clean home, and even better when I don’t have to use harsh chemicals to do it. I recently received a Wagner Power Steamer and I’m so excited to show how it can clean your home chemically free!
Superhero Comic Side Table Makeover
Our family loves superheros and my son wanted to update his room. I found this little old table on Facebook Marketplace for $10, and with a little paint, superheros, and a little love we gave this side table a makeover.
How To Make A Snack Station
I received a pancake kit basket as a holiday gift. The mix came in this cute little wooden crate. I couldn’t just throw it away, and needed to figure out something to do with it. Then it came to me … a snack station!