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two chili peppers wearing scarves and scarfs, one is frowning at the other
Need a distraction? Puns.
a turtle holding a cup of coffee with the words i turtles need more coffee on it
High Quality, Small Batch, Fresh Roasted Premium Coffee
cheese puns mac me so happy
'Cheese Puns Mac Me So Happy Cute Mac n Cheese Pun' Men's T-Shirt | Spreadshirt
a cat with the words i love you purry much on it
M. Silva P on Twitter
an orange with its eyes closed and the words peach please written above it
'Peach Please Food Pun' Sticker by punnybone
two cartoon carrots with the words rooting for you
"Rooting For You Funny Veggie Puns " Sticker for Sale by punnybone
two peaches with the words i appreciate you written on them and one is smiling
"I Ap-peach-ciate You Funny Peach Puns " Sticker for Sale by punnybone
the words romaine calm are written in black on a white background with an image of a head of lettuce