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How do we support a love for reading and help kids view it less as a chore and more of enjoyable activity? Read more to find out! Home, Children, Parents, Teaching, Kinder, Kids Learning, Learn To Read, Kids Reading, Childrens Books
Five tips for getting kids interested in reading by Corey Finkle
How do we support a love for reading and help kids view it less as a chore and more of enjoyable activity? Read more to find out!
a woman and child sitting at a table with a laptop computer in front of them
10 Must-Follow Educational Influencers for Parents and Teachers by Nilmari Santini
We understand the constant quest for fresh ideas that not only entertain but also empower our kids. It’s a journey that’s sometimes challenging, and that’s why we’re here to provide you with a valuable resource. Discover an inspiring lineup of educational influencers who can be your go-to source for creative and enriching experiences for your children. #Parenting #Educational #Empowering #Teaching
a child wearing headphones with the words, educational story telling entertainment podcasts for kids
Podcasts are a fantastic alternative form of media for all ages. With so much amazing content being produced, there are countless choices for every age with a variety of interests. Listening to podcasts is a fun, fresh way to bond and spend time together, and there truly is something for everyone. Most podcasts websites also include conversation starters, activity guides, and other interactive ways to engage with the episodes. #Podcast #Storytelling #Teaching #Activities
a christmas tree with books on it and the words keeping students engaged and focused during the holidays
Wondering how you can maintain better control during the exciting seasons? Keep reading for three important holiday classroom management tips for secondary teachers. #WinterHolidays #Holidays #ClassroomManagement #Teaching
the acts of kindness for kids is shown in pink, green and blue text on a white background
50 Acts Of Kindness For Kids With Fun Bingo Game
Do you want to know the best thing about kindness? It can be so simple! And for kids, it comes so naturally! We can play to their natural intuitive little hearts when we are teaching them how to be kind and use activities that they already love to do random acts of kindness. #Kindness #RandomActsOfKindness #Activities
two children are smiling for the camera with text reading tips on raising children to be kind & generous
Generosity of the heart is a character trait we hope our children see in our actions every day. Especially during the holiday season, it’s important for children to realize generosity is more than just giving away money or gifts. #CharacterTrait #Kindness #Generosity #BooksToRead
colorful pens lined up on top of each other with the words, 10 easy english activities
10 ESL Activities for Busy Teachers
Are you looking for low prep, easy to lead ESL activities for your ESL classroom? Bookmark this tried and true list of 10 quick warmers and fillers that will get your students speaking, reading, listening, and writing in English. I’ve used these ESL activities in my classroom for the past 10 years and my students love them. If you’re a new teacher, or just a busy teacher looking to change things up in the classroom, there’s bound to be something you’ll like. #ESL #English #Activities #Teaching
how to use overdue notice bookmarks for children's literature and reading
Overdue School Library Books & How to Handle Student Excuses
Every year, about a month after school begins, School Librarians begin to tackle the recurring and everlasting problem of students with overdue library books. Each school seems to have its own special problems and each librarian contrives some unique solutions. There is, however, one constant for all of us: the clichéd excuses students offer about their overdue library book. #Teaching #Library #Librarians #Bookmarks
the back cover of how to make dewy demands more student friendly for your school library
Let’s Put Dewey Decimal Books Where Students Can Find Them!
School Librarians strive to create a student-friendly library. For me, this means minimizing the time it takes students to find what they need. Accordingly, I tell them to search the OPAC By Subject and the results will show them the Dewey number for the location of those books. Unfortunately, there’s nothing more frustrating to a student—or to me—than getting a list with several widely different Dewey numbers. #Library #SchoolLibrary #DeweyDecimalSystem #Organization
a living room filled with potted plants next to a green couch and colorful walls
39 Versatile Themes To Enrich Your Classroom
Having a classroom theme is a great way to immerse your kids in a particular learning area. Additionally, it encourages them to be creative in your classroom while indirectly fostering a sense of community with their peers. Whether it’s decorating bulletin boards, classroom doors, or reading nooks – you’re sure to find the inspiration you need with our list of 39 captivating classroom themes! #Classroom #ClassroomTheme #Decoration #Teaching
the book report for students to use in their writing and crafting projects, including books
Writing a response to literature, or a book report, is an essential part of connecting reading and writing for upper elementary students. It allows them to reflect on what they have read and dig deep into important fiction skills. These can include... #BookReport #Resources #Teaching
a piece of paper with the words how to teach parts of speech so they stick on it
How to Teach Parts of Speech So They Stick
I’m a person that likes to see how the small pieces fit into the big picture. I think that’s helpful for kids, too. This visual aid (just made from cardstock and black string) helps kids start to build a schema about parts of speech. I refer to it during lessons and it’s really helpful for kids during independent work. #PartsOfSpeech #Grammar #Teaching #SentenceStructure
a book cover with the title teaching english pronoun - citation
The Definitive Guide on Teaching English Pronunciation
English can be really tough in this area and mastering how to teach it will really step up your game as a teacher. By the end of this article, you will know the pronunciation fundamentals that every teacher needs to know. #Teaching #ESL #Pronunciation #English
a classroom with blue chairs and green walls, the words 6 ways to rethik your library space and make it amazing
Learning Space Design
Too many of our libraries and classrooms still look like they did decades ago. The way our students learn has been transformed – we need to reimagine and transform our spaces to match. #Library #LibrarySpace #Design #Teaching
an image of a book cover with the words,'30 meaningful vocably activities for
30 Meaningful Vocabulary Activities for Every Grade
Learning new words is like adding to your writing toolbox. Your writing becomes so much more interesting and engaging when you have more tools available. Check out these fun and engaging vocabulary activities for kids in grades K-12, and give your students the equipment they need to build their wordsmith skills. #Teaching #Activities #Vocabulary
a father and daughter reading a book together
Raising little ones is a rewarding yet strenuous task. With parenting comes great responsibility and stress. There is a lot of pressure on a parent to raise a child who is kind, caring, and will grow into an independent and courageous human. #Parenting #Teaching #Advice #Family #PictureBook
a sign that says sort student book returns in tubs organize your library check - ins all day long
Sorting Tubs for Library Check-In
Hi friends! Do you get overwhelmed by all of the library books that your students check in every day? Our guest blogger Amanda Maslonka shares her genius solution, plus more ways that students can help you keep your school library organized! Here’s what Amanda has to say… #Library #LibraryCheckIn #Teaching #Organization
homemade and easy book character costumes for teachers
Bringing Books Alive With Creative & DIY Book Character Costumes For Teachers!
Tired of the same overpriced and generic store-bought costumes? Then why not make your own? With a few easy items and a bit of creativity, you can quickly create fun book character costumes for teachers that will stand out in the school hallways and help bring characters and stories to life. #BookCharacter #Costumes #Halloween #KidLit
two bags with question marks on them and the words teaching adjuces fun ideas for october
The leaves are changing colors, you’re feeling the crisp fall air, and Halloween is just around the corner – which means your students might be having a bit of a hard time focusing on your adjective lesson! Fortunately, I’ve got some fun ideas for teaching adjectives and descriptive writing that are just right for October. Your students will be having so much fun that they just might forget about counting down the days until trick-or-treating! #Teaching #Adjectives #Grammar #Halloween
a poster with the words, consciousness that teach better behavior instead of punishness
Consequences That Teach Better Behavior (Instead of Punish)
It can be difficult to think of effective consequences that actually teach BETTER BEHAVIOR than simply punish a child for a discipline problem! But after teaching 28 years, I have come up with quite a few ideas that I have tucked away in my bag of discipline tricks, and I am excited to share them with you today! #Teaching #Behavior #Discipline
sticky notes on a bulletin board with the words story elements
Engaging and Meaningful Fiction Reader Response for Elementary Students
Each classroom brings students of multiple learning styles and backgrounds. It is our job to provide opportunities that reach all of the many different learning styles that come to us. For this reason, it is important that we continually switch up the types of reader response we offer to students. Below are engaging, hands-on, visual ways to reach students beyond providing reading comprehension questions: #Teaching #StoryElements #Fiction #ReaderResponse
the words how to get the most out of your public library
Making the Most of Your Public Library
A place you can go to ask questions, access information, and build community? Somewhere that is completely FREE!?! THE LIBRARY, OF COURSE! #Library #Resources #LibraryResources #Community
the back to school classroom must have teachers can't live without it, and there are
Top 29 Amazon Teacher Must Haves
I polled hundreds of teachers. I asked them to tell me what they would put on their teacher must haves list that they just couldn’t live without. Below you will find the top answers of best teacher supplies that you can add to your classroom must haves list! #Teaching #TeacherResources #Resources #Classroom
Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? National Scavenger Hunt Day is May 24th. Who knew?! I remember creating these for my sister and her friends when they were younger. We would have them take pictures to prove they satisfied the task at hand. It was so much fun! Now you can create your own with the help of any of these amazing printables! #Activities #Crafts #ScavengerHunt #Printables #Teaching Book Scavenger Hunt, Library Scavenger Hunts, Library Games, Scavenger Hunt For Kids, Reading Club, Library Activities, Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt Printables for Kids
Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? National Scavenger Hunt Day is May 24th. Who knew?! I remember creating these for my sister and her friends when they were younger. We would have them take pictures to prove they satisfied the task at hand. It was so much fun! Now you can create your own with the help of any of these amazing printables! #Activities #Crafts #ScavengerHunt #Printables #Teaching
the back cover of 25 ways to build your school's reading culture with pictures of children
25 Ways to Build Your School’s Reading Culture
The story that went viral earlier this year about the teacher who had the genius idea of installing a basket of books on her school’s bus has a crucial message behind it: Small acts can have a big impact when it comes to fostering a culture of reading in your school and community. When we let students know that reading is worthwhile and empower them to experience it joyfully, it creates a chain reaction of literacy learning. #Reading #ReadingCulture #Teaching
a poster with the words would you rather know what to do for your child?
105 Funny Would You Rather Questions For Kids (With FREE Printable)
A list of funny what would you rather questions for kids to get them really thinking. This classic game of would you rather questions for kids can be played anywhere, any time. #WouldYouRather #Teaching #Printable #Activity
a stack of blocks with the words pre - reading skills written on them
10 Ways to Build Pre-Reading Skills in Kids
Here are some fun, simple pre-reading skills activities for preschoolers that are fun for home or school. There are everyday activities kids should already be doing at home, as well as some other ideas to try. #PreReading #ReadingSkills #Teaching #KidLit
the words what's the difference between phonological awareness, awareness and phonicics?
The Difference Between Phonological Awareness, Phonemic Awareness, and Phonics
How many times have you heard teachers talking about phonics and speech-language pathologists talking about phonemes? Then, both groups start talking about phonological awareness? This has happened so frequently that sometimes they get muddied up in my brain. If this has ever happened to you too, I want to help all of us understand these important terms. #Phonics #PhonologicalAwareness #PhonemicAwareness #Teaching
an image of sight words with the title fun and easy ways to teach sight words
Do you have a little book lover who is ready to learn to read? Here are seven simple and fun ways to to teach and practice sight words (one of the keys to reading) with beginning readers. #SightReading #Reading #Teaching #KidLit
a man standing in front of a computer with the words top free education sites 2020
Top 100 Free Education Sites
Since 2013, Help Teaching has brought you our Top 100 Free Education Sites. We’re continually updating our list to provide you with the best resources. While there are standard go-to sites you can visit, such as Khan Academy, there may be a few that aren’t on your radar and you’ll love. #Resources #Teaching #TeachingResources