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Pregnancy Brain

Pregnancy Brain

There are brain fog and brain fart, the first being not as serious as the medically recognized second. Both happen to people one day or another. Pregnant women, however, tend to suffer from something else. Baby brain.

When Customers Leave Stuff From Other Aisles In Places They Shouldn't Be

When Customers Leave Stuff From Other Aisles In Places They Shouldn't Be

This is basically the how-to list for fixing our shopping karma.

Wise Advice!

50 Notorious Comebacks That Shut People Down Immediately

If you throw some nonsense out there into the world, it will likely come back to hit you like a boomerang.

Cursed Birthday

Cursed Birthday

The ‘Cursed Comments’ subreddit is home to comments that require a dark sense of humor to enjoy and strike you like a bolt out of the blue with the force of a rhino ramming a truck into your brain.

Macaulay Culkin's Face Mask Macaulay Culkin, Actors, Funny Pins, Really Funny, Face, Followers, Wednesday, Masks, People

Macaulay Culkin's Face Mask

As the pandemic has snowballed into its second wave, the corona jokes have matured like a collectible wine which should help us to get through the dark days.

I Know, I Know, Puh-Lease. I'm The Cutest Thing Ever, Right? Animal Photography, Wildlife Photography, Funny Animal Pictures, Funny Animals, Giant Fish, Cutest Thing Ever, Kinds Of Birds, Have A Laugh, Weird World

I Know, I Know, Puh-Lease. I'm The Cutest Thing Ever, Right?

Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of bad wildlife photos!

People Are Submitting Ridiculous Convos They Overheard In Ubers On This Instagram, And They're Hilarious Funny Conversations, Personal Questions, Book Fandoms, My Dad, Comebacks, Haha, Hilarious, Writing, Ha Ha


Many have a love-hate relationship with Uber. Yes, it may have saved you from a DUI, but what was that smell in the guy's car? And why didn't he stop asking personal questions? But there's one positive that might outweigh all the negatives.

Pencils With Cartridges More Than A Memory, Childhood Memories 90s, 1980s Childhood, Nostalgic Images, 90s Nostalgia, 90s Kids, Life Humor, Vintage Photos, Vintage Items

Pencils With Cartridges

Rob Sheffield, a veteran rock and pop culture critic and staff writer for Rolling Stone magazine, wrote in his memoirs that nothing brings to life the times you lived through and the people you shared those times with like an old mixtape. Maybe to some. But I will argue that photos can do just the same.

39 Tom Hanks Tweets That Prove He’s A National Treasure I Found You, I Got You, America Dad, Fordham University, Saving Private Ryan, Funny Jokes, Hilarious, Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks


The most likable person out there, Tom Hanks, is nailing social media and you can totally see why.

What Happens When I Send My Husband To The Store And There's An Ice Cream Sale. Funny Shit, The Funny, Hilarious, Funny Stuff, Funny Things, Daily Funny, Funny Relationship Memes, Relationship Goals, Funny Images


If you thought that picking the right brand of toiletries and not mixing up broccoli with cauliflower is easy, think again.

This Instagram Page Is Posting The Most Ridiculous Corona Masks Spotted On The Subway (37 Pics) Happy Memes, Pose Reference Photo, Piel Natural, Funny Pictures Can't Stop Laughing, Funny Face Mask, Run Today, Stupid People, Hate People, Bored Panda

Corona Mask Situation

Riding the subway in the times of a viral crisis is one heck of a view.

Twitter User Shares 21 Kids' Letters To God And They Go Viral Letters To God, Letters For Kids, Kids Writing, Letter Writing, Funny Kid Letters, Haha Funny, Hilarious, Funny Questions, Seriously Funny


The little ones penned hilariously innocent messages, putting their naive notion of the supreme being on full display.

36 Jokes About The Friend Zone That Show How Absurd It Is Friend Zone, Funny Tweets, It Hurts, Roast, Hilarious, Jokes, Relationship, Romantic, Social Media


People on social media are not buying the "friend zone" concept no more, so they are giving it the roast of a lifetime.

She Must Be On Tatooine With The Sun Both Behind And Ahead Of Her Famous Makeup Artists, Pregnant Model, Photoshop Filters, When You See It, Paparazzi Photos, Sad Faces, Why Do People, Flat Earth, Bonito

She Must Be On Tatooine With The Sun Both Behind And Ahead Of Her

If a pic of your crush, class friend, or one of the influencer divas looks too good to be true… you do the math. But the serial offenders always fail this test.

I Am A Nurse! (Bonus Points Because Her Name Is Karen) Pyramid Scheme, Harper Lee, Red State, Mary Shelley, Guinness World, My Wife Is, New York Post, John Legend, People Talk

I Am A Nurse! (Bonus Points Because Her Name Is Karen)

If there’s anything we can’t handle anymore this year, it’s people talking BS while we work our way to survival.