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Can we all agree that we need to stop treating our bodies like fast fashion? 🚫 Thanks
Are you wearing your leggings wrong? LET ME HELP 🙌
Try this simple move to target 💪biceps💪
Are you doing ✨kettlebell swings✨ WRONG?!🤯
This move destroys ✨abs✨
Why this is the ✨perfect hoodie✨
What is a ✨shruggie✨? = SHRUG + HOODIE
What you need to grow your booty, body, or business 🙌
This bag went VIRAL 😱🤯
Have you tried this ✨thigh✨ workout?!🤯🔥
Founding Father Hair…?😳 Try our new running cap 🙌
How far can you get on this ✨plank progression✨ challenge? 🔥
Here’s a really simple way to target your ✨triceps✨
You need to try this workout for your ✨outer thighs✨
Tight hamstrings? TRY THIS 🔥
BURN those inner thighs 🔥✨
You NEED to try out this ✨skort✨
1 MINUTE Sports Bra Hack 😱✨
Which backpack would you choose?! I can’t believe they fit everything!
How to pee in a ✨onesie✨
Have you tried this ✨thigh✨ challenge?!
I tried to design the ✨perfect yoga mat✨
Simple hack to target your ✨shoulders✨
You have to try this thigh workout 😵🔥
Resistance Band Workout for Legs and Butt!
This pilates leg workout will help you get toned legs using a resistance band! Get glute gains with these butt exercises and find more workout videos and 30 day workout challenges at Blogilates.
Stretches to make you taller! Blogilates TikTok
Exercises to improve posture and stretches to lengthen your back so you stand taller and feel confident! For more workout videos and back workouts, visit Blogilates on TikTok and Instagram.
Thigh Exercises for Women You Can Do Laying Down - Blogilates TikTok
Leg circle workout to burn leg fat on your inner thighs and outer thighs. For more toned leg exercises head over to the 21 Day Tone Challenge on Blogilates!
Full Body Tone Workout - All In One Exercises by Blogilates on TikTok
Get toned arms, abs, and legs with this all in one cardio pilates workout with weights! For more 30 day challenges and workout videos, head over to Blogilates and get your fitness motivation!
Cardio to Burn Fat and Build Muscle with Blogilates TikTok
Pilates cardio workout and exercises to burn fat and build muscle, from Cassey Ho! You can find more POP Pilates workouts along with other beginner workout videos on Blogilates TikTok, and be sure to find 30 day challenges at
Strong arms with light weights workout from TikTok Blogilates!
Beginner's workout with weights for women, created by Cassey Ho! These biceps, triceps, and shoulders exercises with light weights will help you get toned arms for summer. For more arm workouts and a great 30 day challenge, visit Blogilates.