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Sweater Weather Things To Know, Old Things, Vintage Bakery, Small Town Girl, Small Business Saturday, Shop Plans, Street Photo, City Streets, Small Towns

Sweater Weather

There I go another time with the only person holding countless reasons to stay. There I go again setting a rendezvous with myself, telling me to be at the same place where I waited last year. There…

Seasonal Affair Writings, Affair, Cabin, Seasons, House Styles, Cabins, Seasons Of The Year, Cottage, Wooden Houses

Seasonal Affair

Nobody understood, nobody ever wanted to stay. Everyone ran and hid away – never attempted to abide me in their head. Handful lies has been told, and most times, listening to them was easier.…

The Lake of Thousand Poems I Wrote You Writings, Poems, Poetry, Verses, Poem

The Lake of Thousand Poems I Wrote You

Your Scent Spring Song, Free High Resolution Photos, Modern Home Interior Design, White Concrete, Spooky Scary, Outdoor Photos, Time Photo, Self Defense, Home Free

Your Scent

I bought a gift for your birthday, but never bother sending it. I greeted you late expecting a response, but didn’t. It’s been a long day. I expected you to be home as soon as I open th…

Wilted Rose Garden and it's Idyll Wilted Rose, Rose Garden Design, Dark Paradise, Writings, Illusions, Optical Illusions

Wilted Rose Garden and it’s Idyll

The more I run away, the more I am pulled back in the labyrinth I am trying to abscond from. Puzzles gradually turn into pretentious harbor full of faded moments we’ve had. Illusions of real …

Venice Bitch, Lana Del Rey Nostalgic Songs, Song Play, Single Words, Going Home, My Memory, Writings, Venice, Things To Think About, Poems

Venice Bitch, Lana Del Rey

It was 16th of December, 4:00 in the afternoon when you decided to bring me home. Nostalgic song playing in your car, neither one of us speak. I knew it’s our lasts. Our last ride together, l…

September Letter Makes Me Wonder, I Am Bad, Writings, It Hurts, Poems, September, Told You So, Lettering, Poetry

September Letter

I can whisper an apology, or sing with my Blues.I can write an elegy, or a prose or poem so sad.I can write a thousand words if needed, to be forgiven.I know I shattered you; my bad, I am socially …

What Kept me Busy on November 2020 Writings, Poems, November, Shit Happens, Reading, Business, November Born, Poetry, Verses

What Kept me Busy on November 2020

November 2020 Must be a horrendous month for me. Consecutive typhoon arrived, because c’mon this is Philippines, and we undergo 20 typhoon a year. Ugh, that don’t sound nice. Honestly. …

my life is changing // hello October. Hello October, Writings, My Life, Change

my life is changing // hello October.

Empty Months Hate Summer, Writings, Empty, Neon Signs

Empty Months

It’s always raining here again, I made myself a cup of coffee in the morning – like what I always do. And sitting here, I stare blindly outside. I don’t know, perhaps I miss the S…

Worst 2019 Diary Entries || A Look back + A Surprise Web Seo, Diary Entry, Thoughts And Feelings, Setting Goals, Dream Life, Looking Back, Dreaming Of You, How Are You Feeling, Lipstick

Worst 2019 Diary Entries || A Look back + A Surprise

October 9, 2019 I think, this day is a big “question mark”, because I feel so nothing. I felt and I still feel empty. Today, I had failures again and I can only blame myself for this. I…

Flowers within You Writings, Flowers, Crafts, Manualidades, Handmade Crafts, Royal Icing Flowers, Craft, Arts And Crafts, Flower

Flowers within You

It is valorous of you to keep on dreaming and believing in yourself. It is courageous and rare of you to trust fate, and forgive yourself a thousand times when things doesn’t go the way you l…