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a quote that reads, libra really don't like being mad at people, so they just cut them off and feel nothing towards them
an image of some type of text with the words libra written in black and white
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a quote that says, libra is never meet a loud intovert? like those in
an image of a text that reads libra i understand that you don't like me but i need you to understand that i don't care
a woman wearing sunglasses with the caption what do you like to do for fun me?
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two different types of emoticions with the words libra and libra
a white background with black text that says, do you want space or attention? libra spattenion
Libra Spattention
a sign that says libra on the side of a green and white background with black text
two women smiling and one holding her hand up in the air
two women dressed in costumes, one with wings and the other without
a man holding a white coffee cup in front of his face with the caption libras people who give them space and attention at the same time
a cartoon character with caption that reads, after everyone leaves the house and i stay capricon finally inner peace
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a woman is smiling and holding her finger up in front of the words libra be like blocking is for the weak, you're going see me enjoying my life
a woman drinking from a wine glass in front of bottles
an image with the words we libras need to date someone who naturally brings out our inner child, never stops fling with us and loves us as little extra on our bad days
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a black screen with the words libra on it and an image of a woman's face
a pink background with the words libra in black and white, on top of it
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a white background with black text that reads, libras don't have a type if they like you, they like you
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a black and white photo with the words libra on it
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there is a cake with a cherry on it and the caption reads, libra but i'm cool with whatever clear differences
the words libra are written in black and white on a white background with an image of
a poster with the words libra written in black and white, on a white background
two people laying in bed with the caption that reads, when ur clingy yet distant & don't wanna come off 2 strong but u need mad affection but you get annoyed