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How many times do I get told to eat a Big Mac for being naturally skinny. It's just as rude as telling a larger person to lose weight.

I like these skinny girl quotes! :) make me feel like there other people who are like me, hate having to see girls put us down! I love this Poem Quotes, Poems, Life Quotes, Skinny Girl Quotes, Skinny Girl Problems, Welcome To My Life, Skinny People, My Wish For You, Body Shaming


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One girl asked me if I was anorexic, so my bestfriend asked her if she was blind. I'd literally eaten six chocolate cupcakes and two slices of red velvet cake at that party. Skinny Girl Problems, Short Girl Problems, I Cant Help It, I Can Relate, Confidence Boosters, Body Shaming, Skinny Girls, Story Of My Life, Short Girls


Nothing has changed. Just a different URL. Come over! www.skinnyproblems.tumblr.com

 I'm sorry if this offends any of my curvy friends, but it hurts our feelings when people say skinny girls are totally unattractive and what guys "really" like are "real women" with curves! Wake up call: Mixed messages really suck. Thats The Way, That Way, Skinny Girl Problems, Skinny People, Body Shaming, Life Problems, Skinny Girls, Proud Of Me, Real Women

Seriously. We don't have eating disorders, we aren't bitches, and we eat like a person. So don't be mean.