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Collection by Barbara Reynolds-Osborn

Barbara Reynolds-Osborn
Boil avocado skins to make a beautiful vintage dusty rose color.

In the pink........

Well who would have thought it. I read about it on Gerdiary an of course I had to try it for myself. What happens when you dye with avocado skins? A beautiful lime most notstaligic looking dusky pinks. I peeled two avocado pears and waited until they were boiling,and added my bits and pieces, like I did with the blackcurrants. nothing seemed to happen for a while and then the materials slowly began to take the colour. As with the blackcurrants and the snow the silk pieces…

Tutorial to give modern shoes a victorian look

Friday Finds: 6 Awesome Steampunk Modding Tutorials

Modifying shoe shape and style - This is a fantastic tutorial on changing the style of a shoe by adding pieces of leather. I want to do this so much! How to add LED lights to existing goggles - A detailed, beginner tutorial that's very useful. DIY Leather Harness - This is a good guide to making a basic leather holster, which always adds to a steampunk outfit. DIY Light-up Copper Cane - A great tutorial from one of my favorite blogs. This is so simple that I'm wondering why everyone doesn't…

blouse pattern 1900's

-Original- Pre 1929 Historical Pattern Collection

blouse pattern from somewhere between 1901 to early 1904 with a chunk of its instructions.

Fluffy Cravat Tutorial by ~Koaru-chii on deviantART steampunk lolita alice in wonderland white rabbit

Fluffy Cravat Tutorial by Koaru-chii on DeviantArt

My first evar tutorial gaiz~!! This is one that will teach you how to make the fluffy cravat I am using for my White Rabbit Cosplay! Let me know what yo... Fluffy Cravat Tutorial

Tutorial: Modern Boots Into Victorian Evening Bootsby Steam Ingenious

Tutorial: Modern Boots Into Victorian Evening Boots

Ok, y'all. This post has been coming for a long time. I had the idea to do this YEARS ago and have been meaning to experiment and create this tutorial for at least a year. I finally got around to it, so here you go! The initial idea was inspired by the following images of historical footwear. (L to R: Unknown source, 1918 Evening Boots, 1922 Russian Evening Boots) The photo on the left was the first to catch my eye, and I thought it would be pretty simple to cut a pair of boots in that shape…

A simply refashion with BIG results! A cheap thrifted blouse becomes a Victorian collar with some cutting and some lace. MUST MAKE! I had a dress with a top like this, but the chest and armholes were too tight, so I made it into a skirt. This is a great idea for what's left!

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Tutorial: Mini top hat

How to Make a Mini Top Hat

Learn how to make a small mad hatter style hat for Halloween or special occasions with this step-by-step photo tutorial.

How To Make an 1870s Bustle Skirt

How To Make an 1870s Bustle Skirt

Quick & easy method to puff up the skirt back for 1870s bustle costumes. You can see still photos of the skirt at

Do-It-Yourself: Steampunk Bustle Skirt

Do-It-Yourself: Steampunk Bustle Skirt

How to make a Victorian Hat

How to Make a Victorian Hat

I have been wanting a Victorian hat for some time now. Unfortunately, the type I was interested in would cost buckoo bucks that I could not ...

DIY Leather Mod to shoes! Even that Steampunk / Victorian Look!

Project: Shoe modification!

Our unit in shoe class right now is on modifying shoes on some basic structural level to achieve a new silhouette or shape. As i've mentioned before, i do the projects a step ahead of or along with my students, so that they can observe my process as well as one another's. So, here is one of my…

American Duchess:Historical Costuming: How To Bleach Feathers... | Historical Costuming and sewing of Rococo 18th century clothing, 16th century through 20th century, by designer Lauren Reeser

How To Bleach Feathers...

Historical costuming and vintage sewing projects, with dress diaries and research on period dress from the 16th to the 20th century.