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EDFED Offer: Student Loan
Need student loans? EdFed is here for you! We offer the lowest interest rates, and the fastest and easiest application process with flexible payment terms. Apply now!
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Does Big Law care about a bad second semester GPA?
Have you ever hoped to get accepted to your dream school but ended up on a waitlist? What if another school offered you a scholarship? What are your plans for taking advantage of that offer, or are you determined to pursue your dream law school? Share your thoughts on this forum topic.
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Does Big Law care about a bad second semester GPA?
What if you had a stellar first semester, but your grades take a hit in your second? Will you still be able to get hired as an associate? Wondering if a drop in GPA will prevent you from getting invited back to law school for summer? Find out here:
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Immigration Attorney
Learn more about what it is like to be a Immigration attorney in this article.
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How Much Does the Law School You Went to Matter When You Lateral Firms?
Considering a lateral move? Learn how much the quality of the law school you went to matters to law firms.
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How to Get an Internship in Law
Are you wanting to find the perfect law internship to help you get a foot in the door at a respected law firm? Maybe you want to upskill and gain some experience in your College summers? Perhaps this is the first step on the career ladder for you? Whatever your reason for wanting to learn more about finding an internship in law, here’s everything you need to know about becoming a law intern.
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Why Law School Grades Do Not Matter Forever: Law School Grades and Your Legal Career
Grades are Most Important for Law Students Career. As Law School Grades are the only measure of what you have done relating to the Legal field before you enter a Firm, There really is no other way for a Firm to Judge your Abilities at this level,
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Law Articles, Search Recent Legal Articles, Legal Recruiter
Learn several time-tested methods to find employment as an attorney. Used together and on an ongoing basis, these will help you find a job.
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Law Articles, Search Recent Legal Articles, Legal Recruiter
My options are between a full tuition scholarship at the University of Michigan or paying full tuition to go to Harvard Law School. Which should I choose?
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Law Articles, Search Recent Legal Articles, Legal Recruiter
Would it be worth it to go to law school, in lieu of an MBA program, to gain valuable skills, but just not practice law?