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At A Wild Smile, Dr. Witkoff and his staff are surrounded by funny children, dental issues and life's funny moments. Here's what makes us tickle.
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a person sitting at a table with some food in front of him and the words i don
Second Opinion on 2nd MD - Run Eat Repeat
Need to watch out for all of those sweet teeth ;) A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO |
a cartoon tooth with arms and legs raised up to say love your teeth on a blue background
Love your teeth! A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO |
a baby laying on top of a bed with a pacifier in it's mouth
A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO |
a man kneeling down next to a dog on a road with the caption losing your teeth in 3 2 1
all the plants dogs are allergic to
A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO |
Commuting for a better body - A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO | Fitness, Saving Money, Motivation, Sayings, Save Your Money, Advice, Humor
TimePass, Funny Articles, Funny Pictures, Funny SMS, Interesting Articles, Amazing Infrastructure
Commuting for a better body - A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO |
a groundhog is standing on its hind legs and holding a flower in it's paws
flower - A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO |
an animated image of a man wearing a hat
Funny eCards - Send Custom Greeting Cards Online w/ JibJab!
Friend’s Birthday? Cast them in Pharrell’s mega-hit “Happy” and wish them a very HAPPY Birthday! #dentalhumor A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO |
Happy amifully !
Rapunzel and Eugene taking a selfie #tangled #dentalhumor A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO |
the simpsons character is talking to another person about what he's doing in bed
Whenever I Start A Diet
Whenever I Start A Diet - A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO |
a cartoon drawing of a group of toothbrushes with the caption'no grinding '
Deciduous Dance - A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO |
Cavities and math. RDH. Dental hygiene humor. A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO | Dental Assistant Humor, Emergency Dentist
Cavities and math. RDH. Dental hygiene humor. A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO |
three cartoon characters holding toothbrushes in front of an advertisement for mouth brushmore
This is pretty funny-- Mount Brushmore! #dental #humor #dentist A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO |
an image of frozen princess singing with the caption how i think i sing
How I think I sing, How I actually sing #humor A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO |
a black and white cat with angels surrounding it
Funny Pictures Of The Day - 81 Pics
Catering to King Cat! #humor A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO |
an image of three people in front of the words jocelyn madero you're all, donna regret not dating me in high school
The Shocking Quote:
This High School Senior has confidence about herself in the future. A Wild Smile | #Denver | #CO |