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indefinite hiatus — how do i learn how to storyboard comics
Chloe P — Some quick animation smear guides I put together...
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Here are a few animation walk and run cycle we created, at different stages of the production. While they’re not perfect, their main purpose was to try to help us understand how our characters could...


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huehuehuehuehue - messing with tvpaint more, so here’s some happy...


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How To Draw Mouth Expressions Animation 33 Ideas
Dyslexia from Friendship Circle Blog
Научиться рисовать за 30 дней!


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libro de imágenes y videos xd #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad


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misses capes
Sprite Database : Wraith


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an image of some type of text on a white sheet with blue and pink ink
three different shades of brown and pink are shown in this graphic above the words dark skin
Rules of cropping. Guide for cropping characters in your animation scene Animation, Caricature, Character Design Tips, Animation Tutorial, Comic Tutorial, Character, Animation Sketches
TOAnimate | Blender Animation Course
an image of some type of paper with different lines and shapes on it's surface
an advertisement with three different images and the words low - key, mid - key, high
Tutorial 72 - Key | Nathan Aardvark
an image of a person's shadow on the floor
four cakes with different toppings on them, one is white and the other is red
35+ digital art tutorials | Sky Rye Design
an info sheet with blue feathers and text describing how to use them for photoshop
an image of some sort of art work with text and pictures on it, including the words colors and values