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hot tea a good book, and rain outside the window. I miss rainy days I Love Rain, Rain Dance, Raining Outside, It's Raining, Singing In The Rain, When It Rains, Rain Drops, Rainy Days, Rainy Night

Do they wonder?

source You know there are days where if I haven't moved in a while and my breathing feels completely normal, or what I assume normal feels like as I don't actually have anything to compare it to, I wonder what it must be like to be like that all of the time. What must life be like to be normal? Do normal people ever wonder what it must be like for us? Those of us who go to hospital all of the time. Spend hours in waiting rooms. Hours on hospital beds. Have given more blood than we can even…

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KONA Manual Coffee Grinder - Black Coffee

Using pre-ground coffee isn’t the right way to go, not when you want something that is fresh and strong. You see, the cells that are inside a coffee bean contain around 1,000 different flavors and aromas (we’re not kidding). Once the bean has been ground up, those aromas release and react with oxygen. After 15 […]

Warming up with a hot coffee on a Sunday morning.