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The 1970s

The 1970s

Forgot about everything and eased my mind

Elton John as the Pinball Wizard

Doc Martens At Fifty

In the UK, Dr. Martens is fifty this week. The iconic pop shoe with an oil, acid and piss resistant soul. It's a shoe that has seen many battles,...

Marc Bolan

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mariposima: “ If only it was a unicorn… excellentlyeccentric: “ Marc Bolan ” ”

John Lennon on a plane with Yoko Ono and young Sean.

Super Seventies

The original 1970s tumblr blog.

Paul McCartney & Elton JOHN

Rare Beatles

Beatlemaníaca desde 1989, eu ainda me surpreendo com fotos incríveis dos Beatles [e que eu NUNCA tinha visto na vida]. Beatlemaniac since 1989, I am still surprised by incredible pictures of the Beatles [and that I had NEVER seen in my life].

Elton John

Elton John, Sundown Theatre, Edmonton, North London, 1973

Elton John performs "Crocodile Rock" in this limited-edition photo taken at the Sundown Theater in 1973. Order an Elton John print at Morrison Hotel Gallery.

Gloria Jones

Gloria Jones dedicates herself to sharing life and music

Once dubbed the Northern Queen of Soul, Gloria Jones is a standout artist, spanning more than 40 years in gospel, Northern Soul, R&B and pop.

1970's platforms. E for Elton John.

Ankle-Breakers or Heels to Die For?: Short film on Platform Shoes from 1977

The platform shoes to-die-for were Frank N. Furter’s in The Rocky Horror Picture Show - those bejeweled white heels made Tim Curry’s first appearance as the sweet transvestite the epitome of glam. And gorgeous he was too. Elton John may arguably have had the best platform shoes, but his tended to veer into stage props, eventually leading to those sky-high Doctor Marten boots in Ken Russell’s Tommy. And of course, there was David Bowie, Twiggy, and a host of pop stars sashaying around London…