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love is realllll
the words show yourself how much you can spend on the person you've become
a poster with an image of a tree and the words, what if it goes better than expected?
a piece of paper with writing on it that says and in the valley i will be dancing for joy
the words god's perfect plan and our idea of perfect written on white paper
the words jesus never stopped pursuing you even if you stopped pursuing him are written in blue ink
a blue and white painting with the words i'm not here on it
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an image of flowers and text on a white background that says what's next?
there is a sign that says things are not as personal as they feel on the side of buildings
the words i am grateful to be alive and here
a card with the words you're not at my control written in red, yellow and blue
No control
there is a sign that says you are allowed to change your mind about people on it
an orange and pink poster with the words even when we don't feel it god is working
the words i work on my problems and then release them in blue ink against a white background
a painting with the words trust the universe to bring you love
a pink shirt with a heart and the words life is good written in black on it
Let your heart shine
a blue background with the words for your peace of mind do not try to understand everything
it's conna be okay written on the wall next to a light bulb
a peace sign is spray painted on the side of a brick wall with red graffiti
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