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Fireplace & Electronics Drawer
How To Clean Your Windows
We’re making our way outside on Day 29/30 of the Spring Cleaning Spree. Today we’ll be cleaning our exterior windows and window screens. We’ll want to grab our window cleaning kit we used yesterday (The kit is listed in my Amazon storefront under ‘Spring Cleaning’), as well as a bucket full of warm water with a teaspoon of Dawn dish soap, microfiber cloths, and a soft bristled brush. A helpful tip, I like to keep my squeegee in one hand and a dry microfiber cloth in the other. After I squeegee the window I like to wipe any excess water off of it with the dry microfiber cloth. This helps decrease the chance of streakiness on the windows. When scrubbing your screens, always be careful to use a soft bristled brush so no damage or tearing will happen as you clean. If you have a lot of spide
Deep cleaning shower products
These are my favorite deep cleaning products for the shower
Cleaning tips and must have cleaning gadget. Cleaning hacks. Cleaning motivation. Floor cleaning.
Check out the Shark HydroVac! Copy this list and paste the link into your browser https://sharkclean.sjv.io/c/3816549/1498218/8359?adname=influenccer&prodsku=hydrovac2
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Soft Towel Hack
How to wash sleeping pillows??
Coffee Bar
OFFICE CLEANING ROUTINE | Home office cleaning checklist | Cleaning ASMR | Brianna Ancheta
Pillow Stripping
Desi home hacks
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How To Clean Your Mattress
Reset 🫶🏻🌸🤍✨ #sundayreset #housecleaning #husbandwife Credits:@katieclark.co
Easiest way to mop your floors
Check link in bio to get your supplies 👍🏼
speedy bathroom clean 🛁🧼🫧 Credits:@cleanwith_kayleigh
Mop hack
How to clean dirty shoes
Swiffer Hack
Cleaning tips 101
Absolutely disgusting
Such a gorgeous way to clean washing machine🥰 How about you 🤗♥️
Daily cleaning routine...collected
clean & freshen your walls
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Bad Room Decor
The cleaning looks easy in the motivational cleaning tiktok
Floor Concentrated Soluble Cleaning Slice
This is so satisfying 🤤
Check out the link to purchase these items! Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning floors with the O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop! This efficient mop is perfect for cleaning any type of floor and the microfiber material ensures that your floors are left spotlessly clean. The built-in wringer allows you to control the moisture level so that you can get the perfect clean every time. Get yours now and enjoy a stress-free cleaning experience!#cleaning #mop #floorcleaning #Ocedar #homecleaning #tidyhome #cleanfloors #household #affiliate
Coming back from travels means, we needed a serious restock in our kitchen!
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Unboxing New Kitchen items - Kitchen Infinity
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Let’s Clean & Organize the Home over the Holidays with Farah Merhi
My house was a hot mess you guys! We were busy with so much to do that the house was neglected this week and all the work piled up. So, I focused on cleaning up with my family to get the house back in shape in time for Christmas Eve! Here’s what I did, I wanted to take you guys along with me so you can see what I usually do when my home turns this bad. A few things: I hope this video shows you- • One, that I’m not perfect and yes, my home does get messy! • And two, yes my family helped but I don’t show them much in my videos ❤️ Did your home look like Christmas exploded all over also?! 🎄☺️
Create a floral headboard display with us 🤍
kitchen sink cleaning hacks
Red Roses In The Kitchen 😍🌹