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“#平成最後に自分の代表作を貼る お気に入りを!!!”

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—I’m stronger than them. I should be stronger than that damn king! So, why... Why did I retreat? I don’t understand. Why is this heart defective? He is someone I should kill. But I want to talk. No,...

Isn't this Aea? I thought Enuma Elish was the chains of heaven, not the sword of rupture Fate Zero, King Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh And Enkidu, Fantasy Sword, Fantasy Weapons, Gate Of Babylon, Fate/stay Night, Fate Characters, Fate Stay Night Anime

The Golden Gremory [On Hold] - Bio

(Y/N) Gremory 1/3 human 1/3 devil 1/3 divine born from a demi-god and a devil the brother of Rias and the current Lucifer. Neglected and Abused by his parents and sisters along with never knowing his mother he finds his only comfort in books. When he turns thirteen he runs away from his family, he is later found by Azazel where he learns he is the decedent by Gilgamesh. Will he forgive his family or show them the true power of the gate of Babylon.

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