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3 young filipino architects(architectural group) to watch out for

The practice of architecture in the Philippines is currently undergoing a revolution, with the impending threat of globalization and the new trends in materials and systems brought about by the need for sustainability, the field as we know it is now a battleground for survival. Architects either have to evolve to keep up or stagnate and lose their edge. "Modern" is a word thrown around a lot during design meetings, the Clientele much like the society they thrive in has become dynamic. The…

The Bayanihan Spirit Tagalog Words, Filipino Architecture, Philippine Art, Vernacular Architecture, More Fun, Philippines, Book Art, Spirit, World

The Bayanihan Spirit

“Bayanihan” is a Tagalog word whose literal meaning is, roughly translated, “the act of being a country.” It lacks a concrete dictionary definition, for it can only be accurately explained b…