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Boozy Bourbon Cherries

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25 minutes

These Bourbon Cherries are perfect for gifting or adding to cocktails.

Sew Easy lesson: Interfacing Applique

This video brings to life the Sew Easy Lesson from the pages of Love of Quilting. Learn how to make perfect circle appliques for your quilts and other projec...

Applique Tutorial | Make:

Andrea Zuill has a handy tutorial up on her blog on applique. It covers how to applique concave and convex curves, points, and general stitch and

How to Clean Epoxy Resin Off Your Tools | 101 Days of Organization

Tips for how to clean epoxy resin off of your tools. Epoxy resin is great for crafting, but not if it dries on your tools. Learn how to clean it up quick!

Reverse Applique Heart Quilt Pattern.

Reverse Applique Heart Quilt Pattern- this rewarding technique teaches you how to sew 2 quilts at once; 12 heart designs are included.

Susan Carlson: Making a Pattern for a Fabric Collage Quilt

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Civil War Bride borders

I've been meddling with the Civil War Bride pattern again (yes I know - never satisfied). I've kept the winding vine, added some curls, a ...


Making stems and vines and even lettering is easy if you use bias tape. It can add so much to a quilt to add a bit of simple applique, and bias tape is the SIMPLEST of all applique. Here are a few examples of quilts with a bit of bias applique: Trellis Around the Town See the lettering on this quilt? I made 3/8" bias tape and formed it into the letters. Let me show you how it's done. I use bias tape makers from Clover Notions. They come in many sizes. Berry Patch, Cherry Lemonade DishTowels…

Really Good Circles Mini Tutorial

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“Bird by Bird”: How I Use a Book on Writing to Teach Fabric Collage

Inspiration comes from many unexpected sources. I’ve found a book on writing by Anne Lamott to be both useful and entertaining when I or my students need a boost.

A Couple of Things

There are two things I have had in the hopper to share, but with all of the chaos, they had taken a back seat. The first thing I had ready to share before all chaos cut loose was the finished applique shots of the Purple Finch. This is the applique... Continue reading »

Make a "Grapevine Stained Glass Applique" Quilt with Rob!

Click here for supplies: demonstrates how to make a beautiful stained glass quilt using Tonga Treats Batiks 10" Squares...

Those “Scary” Berries

I know the berries in the Nuthatch block I am creating is freaking some of you out. Like ghost stories around the campfire, the frightening, but well intentioned legendary warnings of scary circles in hand applique abound. One only need to mention “circle” and “applique” together and you can literally... Continue reading »

More Answers: The Blueberries and Blackberries

OK Boop, to answer your questions I will start with the one on the blueberries. The blueberries are first appliqued down 3/4 of the way around each one and then I stop and park my needle, take some polyfil stuffing (just a whisper) and then gently stuff. I... Continue reading »

The Purple Finch Has Begun!

As I was doing all my prep work for the upcoming workshop, I could see the Purple Finch pattern laying off to the side of my design desk teasing me. I couldn’t take it any longer and got busy and started the new Finch block. I was parched for some stitching! ... Continue reading »

After Drawing on Fabric, You Will Love How This Project Turns Out!

Your design is going to shine through with this beautiful technique.