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Celebrities After And Before:

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Celebrities Before and After Makeup Transformations

Do you want to see celebrities before and after makeup? Check out 23 lovely leading ladies who look just as beautiful without makeup as they do with!

Real Beauty – Celebrity Without Makeup

We are always fascinated to see our favorite celebrities without makeup, but could this be the latest trend? Many celebrities like Rihanna, Kim kardashian, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cirus have been po…

20 Shocking Photos of Celebs Without Makeup

Their faces are often hidden and you never get to see what they really look like. To be fair we are all ugly. We just don't have teams of...

Nicolette Sheridan

Stars go makeup free

Stars may have an army of makeup artists on standby for even the tiniest of touchups, but just like everyone else, they choose to go makeup free to reveal their natural beauty.


32 Celebs Without Makeup

Putting on makeup is an art form; personally I love playing around with it— all the colors and tricks you can do to your face! My makeup skills are pretty damn good, and it only gets better when I have time on my hands. I’m actually convinced that all of my past flames got mildly …

Ellen DeGeneres Photo - Stars Without Makeup - UsMagazine.com...don't know if I believe this pic

See the Latest Stars Who Have Joined the No-Makeup Selfie Crew

See the latest celebs to flaunt their bare-face glow!

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos - Plastic Surgery Facts

Many people wonder when they see the latest appearance of Nicki Minaj. She has changed a lot. Her appearance now looks like a Barbie. Looking at her appearance makes many people wonder if she has been under knife for some changes on her appearance. Even some people think that she intentionally changed her appearance like […]


Plastic surgery at the 2012 Golden Globes

Did you notice a subtle change in the air, as far as plastic surgery goes, at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards? Click through the slide show to find out why. The question wasn’t …

The gorgeous Julianne Moore without and with Photoshop. #airbrushing #retouch #aging #celeb #skin

Celebrity Photoshop Before and After: Comparing Touched Up Photos with the Originals -

I like to think of myself as a smart, informed woman who isn't easily taken in by media trickery but I have to admit, until doing research for this article, I had no idea how out of hand this whole Ph