Edo Period - Japan

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Jade Modeste .

Geiko Kayo - in Winter Dress 1870s

Geiko (geisha) Kayo dressed in winter clothes ready for a snowy day. This type of headscarf is called an Okoso-zukin. Era Kayo 江良加代 was a popular geiko (geisha) in Gion, Kyoto, during the early Meiji period (1870s). At one time she became the mistress of Saionji Kinmochi (1849 – 1940), who was a politician, statesman and twice Prime Minister of Japan. Although, Kido Takayoshi (1833 – 1877), a statesman during the Meiji Restoration, pursued her and promised to pay for her stage costumes, he…

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USA SELLER Silver Painted Japanese Fern 25 seeds

Inscribed by Myōchin Muneakira | Mask | Japanese | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Inscription: Inscribed on the underside of the chin: 正徳三癸巳歳二月吉辰明珍紀宗察行年三十一暦・於武江神田作之 Shōtoku san mizunoto-hebidoshi nigatsu kisshin Myōchin Ki no Muneakira gyōnen sanjūissai Bukō Kanda ni oite kore o tsukuru (Made by Myōchin Ki no Muneakira on a lucky day in the second month of Shōtoku three (1713), year of the snake, age 31, in Kanda, Edo, Musashi province

silkix: Visiting dress ほうもんぎ | 染 and discerning | of the texture Straight pongee

The Kimono Gallery

Samurai wearing jingasa (specialized hat) and kamishino. Hand-colored photo, late 19th century, Japan.

Exploding Rocks


The Kimono Gallery

Courtesan. Woodblock print, mid-19th century, Japan, by an unknown artist.

Pair Of Antique Japanese Paintings Of Karashishi, Edo Period, 18th Century

A rare pair of antique Japanese Karashishi paintings in a landscape of rocks and peony flowers on gold leaf ground in fine handmade frames, Edo period, early 18th century. The Karashishi (Chinese lion) and Komainu (Korean dog) are thought to have been introduced to Japan in around the 7th and 8th centuries AD. They are the lion-dog temple guardians of both Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples and have been placed at the entrances or in the eves of shrines and temples to ward off evil spirits…

Edo Hairstyles by lilsuika on DeviantArt

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A group of six pairs and a single menuki Edo period (19th century)

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LEATHER BANTEN, Japan, late Edo period, cm 105x131. There is evidence that reversible leather ‘haori’ coats (banten) have been used by samurai and other distinguished people during the whole Edo period ...

Niwaki tree in a Japanese garden #tree #dan #gar - Japanese Garden Design

Japanese SewingEstilo HippyMode Jeans

Japanese Boro... le inspiration.

Beginning in the Edo period… Boro is a Japanese word meaning “ tattered rags” and it’s the term commonly used to describe patched and repaired cotton bedding and clothing lovingly used much longer ...

Portland Japanese Gardens i LOVE the Japanese style garden gates

Four-case inro with sealife design