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❤ this birthday girl! Ok, een week te vroeg maar deze is gewoon TE goed om voorbij te laten gaan!!!

Edwin Oudshoorn workshop

Edwin Oudshoorn workshop, Coffin for your beloved. Edwin Oudshoorn works on a coffin that is covered with multiple fabrics that each signify a memory of the loved one.

Happy Birthday Thank You Message | Thank You for Birthday Wishes!!!

Thank You for Birthday Wishes!!!

I really would like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I know we expect it to be a greeting we say to people on their birthday, but I know it comes from a heart of good intentions. Many of you prayed for me, and prophesied to me, and I really really embrace and accept every prayer and well wish. In in return, I pray that even as you have sowed goodwill towards me, I pray that you will reap a harvest of it in the name of Jesus. For taking the time to reach out to me, I pray…

Happy birthday. ..  You little spoonful of sugar

Funny Movie Quote | Kappit

202 entries are tagged with funny movie quote. 1. "I'm gonna build a wall and put freakin laser beams on it"

Alex and Ani Virgo Bangle

Alex and Ani Virgo Bangle Jewelry & Accessories - Bloomingdale's

Alex and Ani Virgo Bangle

To My Amazing Friend - Happy Birthday Card

Newly Added Birthday Cards | Birthday & Greeting Cards by Davia - Free eCards

Send Free Newly Added Birthday Cards to Loved Ones on Birthday & Greeting Cards by Davia. It's 100% free, and you also can use your own customized birthday calendar and birthday reminders.