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When people panic, certain supplies disappear from the shelves. Here are some medical supplies to get before it's too late. Emergency Preparedness, Zombie Apocalypse, Diy, Nice, Medical Supply Storage, Emergency Preparedness Kit, First Aid Supplies
14 Medical Supplies To Get While You Still Can
When people panic, certain supplies disappear from the shelves. Here are some medical supplies to get before it's too late.
Homestead Survival, Camping, Food Storage, Power Outage Preparedness, Power Outage Tips
National Grid Outage | How to Prepare for Power Grid Failure
the words first 12 things you should get as a newbie prepper are shown
First 12 Things To Get as a Newbie Prepper - Survival Sullivan
the words, 54 hobbies to improve your survival skills are shown above pictures of various items
54 Hobbies to Improve Your Survival Skills
Outdoor, Survival Skills Emergency Preparedness
How To Have Potable Water Anywhere | Emergency Preparedness
Camping Hacks, Ideas, Survival Techniques
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Great resource for stocking up-
9 Survival Food Items That Will Outlast The Apocalypse
an old poster with the words gardening know and do it all in different font styles
GARDENING KNOWLEDGE ~THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF GARDENING STRESS IMMUNITY WORK OUT RELIEF BOOSTER Sp fh Gardening _Direct exposure 3 hours of canhelp _-_todirt and plants moderate reduce the canhelpboost _gardening could your plants levelofstress yourimmune equal hour hormone sytem gym session II than the adults Cortisol BACTERIA GREEN DIET BRAIN FRIENDS HEALTH Soilcointainsa Those who grow One study reve- natural veggies aremore _aled that daily antidepressant conscious about ____gardening can thatcanmake havingahealthy __reduce riskof tus happier diet dementia by 36% Predatory Mites, Parasitic Wasps GARDENING TOOLS AXe Gardeninggloves Flowerpot Grass. _Rake Hedge Gardening Recycling Gardenhose Boots Be shears. fork bin. Watering Pruners Pruningsaw Garden Seeds can trowel Wheelbarrow Fertilizer Hoe Earthworm mower Apron Scythe Scissors Bucket Shed Ladde_ ""/spade__ sickle Pitchfork _shovel. DIY PEST CONTROL WANTED Japanese Squash Grasshopper Aphid Cabbage Worm * 4 Other criminals: Earwigs, Mealybugs, Birch Leaf Miners, Gypsy Moths, Spider Mites CRIMES COMMITTED. Pestroy your garden by taking up residence and eating your plants Lay eggs that tum into many hungry larvae that eat more than the adults create inhospitable environment for your garden through HEALTH Not all bugs are created equal and not all are bad either. There are plenty of "good'" insects that help control the *bad" insects and keep your garden safe and secure. Having these beneficial insects in your garden provides natural pest controL Predatory Mites, Parasitic Wasps HOW THEY DEFEND YOUR GARDEN @ Hunt and feed on "bad" insects that destroy your garden and crop Take up residence in your garden or crop to provide 'ongoing security Do not damage your garden, since they are predators that hunt other insects WHERE TO FIND THEM Order them, INSECTARY PLANTS. Using insectary plants lures beneficial insects into your garden, which help control bad insects. Designating at least 5-10% these of your garden for insectary plants will help attract population these beneficial insects and keep the bad insect population jown. Cornflower Alyssum Fennel Borage -Anise Other plants: Marigold, Sunflowers, Cup Plants, Golden Marguerite, Zinnias, Cosmos HOW THEY HELP YOUR GARDEN Provide rich nectar that attracts beneficial insects to your garden shelter, food and safe environment for benet- Reduces the need for insecticides and dangerous cher Attract them with HOW TO DO 0) How much of Plant year-r 5- 10% from leaving. Insectary. Beetle Mantis Beetle Additional allies: Rove beetles, Hover flies, Dragonflies, - iFunny
a poster with some words on it that say, homesteading knowledge
15 Tips for Staying Safe During Times of Civil Unrest