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The winners of the invent-your-own-movie-based-on-an-'80s-TV-show contest.

When The A-Team came out earlier this month, I decided to make that movie's flimsy excuse for existence into an even flimsier pretext for a...

It's not just Popeye that gets the boost: Adding spinach to solar panels nearly triples their efficiency

Scientists in Tennessee discovered that combining the green-leafed veg with silicon produced a much stronger electrical current in solar cells than present methods.

The Sweet of SweetHaven by Aeolus06 on DeviantArt

Got the urge to draw some Olive Olive Oyl (c) E.C. Segar The Sweet of SweetHaven

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Combo Only $1 @ Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club Members can get a Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Combo Meal for only $1 at the Sam’s Club Cafe! This includes a 1/4 lb All-Beef Hot Dog and a Large...

Classic TV Shows for Boys (ages 7 to 12)

Finding appropriate shows that your young boys will enjoy can be a challenge. Here are some shows that are sure to be a hit. They are 'classics' for a reason.

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21 Old Tv Events Forgotten - Vintagetopia

You don't need to activate TV if you discover yourself busy in work. TV has ever loved lawyers

Remember these "heroes"?

Some popular, some iconic, some obscure, some only seen once. I know there are others out there, who did I miss? Don't say the A-Team

FALSE: Yosemite Sam Banned

A Facebook meme falsely claims the Looney Tunes character Yosemite Sam has been banned from television due to his use of guns and violence.

Just sayin..

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